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Senator Uche Ekwunife, The Beautiful Stories, The Countdown Begins By Kenneth Anozie.

Uche Ekwunife.

The saying that "emee osiso, emeghara odachi"; (if you are fast, you will prevent unfortunate situation) in Igbo proverbs means a lot about the demands of time. The election scheduled for 6th November, this year is generating fury and fire. There is the bad, the ugly and Akiko, all intertwined to create a bad situation, or good depending on how one looks at the situation.

As I have PDP as my home base, I will narrow my analysis on the fortunes of the party. The party has 16 Aspirants, and none is a pushover, in terms of resources. So each is making spirited dash to get to the finished line, first. And lots of strategies are deployed to outwit each other. Most of them look ridiculous, some look very ugly. But "Otu obuna Anya Adina, a ga ene ya ene"! (No matter how the eyes appear, it must be used for looking)! For me, and all discerning minds, it looks simple. The Stakeholders and Party faithful should focus on only one thing; Agu Awka! But in this kind of battle, some might prefer loosing Agu Awka, or supporting an opposition  party instead of supporting a likely winner to secure the ticket of the party. But "ihe nyota bu ihe nyota"! So must PDP be in opposition all the time? God forbid!

Now that the primary election is less that just one month, friends, let's be wise, and reflect on the future of our State, Anambra, our party, PDP and the general condition of our people in Nigeria. I come in peace, abeg!

Scanning through all the Aspirants, and the likelihood of their winning the main election, I Know that they will all try. But this time around, we in PDP want the price, Agu Awka, not just to try. Sen Uche Ekwunife, (Iyom) has made determined efforts, not just for the ticket, but to win the prize; Agu Awka! For her, the quest for Government House, Awka, did not start now. She has made conscious efforts, to get herself ready for this season. It could be said that this is Iyom's season. Her works from the time she was a banker, to her membership of House of Representatives, and now to Senate solidly prepared her to ride this tiger's tail.

Sen Uche Ekwunife has from beginning recognized the importance of education, that she started out with a Scholarship Foundation that has sent hundreds of Ndi Anambra to acquire sound education. She has upped this with acquiring millions worth of educational materials for many schools, and at the same time refurbished many educational institutions or constructed brand new classroom blocks.

These never stopped her from looking in other areas like erosion control, roads in many parts of the State, empowerments of all kinds, and lately as the alert Senator! Or do we talk of the 20+ houses she has constructed for indigent members of various communities in Anambra State, and even beyond. As Okwadike Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife explained; "women are known to cater for humanity more that men"! Iyom has really catered for humanity, and she is still going further to do so many other things.

I strongly believe that PDP giving Sen Uche Ekwunife ticket will guarantee the party, the keys to Agu Awka. So do many Ndi Anambra also believe. Remember that Iyom has sensitized the women of Anambra, and they are all looking expectant that they have a candidate they can vote for when the time comes.

PDP Delegates, do the needful, and Iyom will take it up from there.

Dr Ken Anozie.

Political Strategist/Analyst.


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