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A mass of grain, a tonne of seeds

Our plumules rise, at the beacon's sound

Hark our fathers call; underneath its crust

Stood to the tempest fall;

swam thy breath on the atmosphere of the seas

The claws of the heavens withhold not our flight

The drive we fix in our eternal flight to freedom


Our anthems raise, down this glory land

An emblem of peace

More than a coloured silk that appeals the sight

Caressing the whips of nature that sings her beauty; the jealous air, soothing waves

Worship her dazzle in mild gesture

Lend it wings to flaunt its breath on the skies domain

The waving flag lost in freedom

Like feathers in the wind


She stuns her beauty across the coast

The flaunting spot of the Savannah

Holy peak of the mountains

Move; mountains move

Run; horses run

The Westland of the Atlantic

The shores at the peak of dawn

Speak; rivers speak

Lighten her steadfast; sun hope drawn.


At the stroke of the eagle, admiring her lofty stand; sent sweet pleasantries

Spread your voices mid west glow

Call down summers fall with warm embrace

And thunders helm frame the darkened clouds

An ice of vision; her twins feather cap

Starring with frantic pace

In ominous fist, dilly dally

Her medals are displayed in honour

From dawn till merry twilight


Spread your wings all oer the earth

Ye who sings her maidens ballad

Build her a moon on eagles nest

Her saviour's land bloom honey

Dropping the sovereign soil: black diamonds

Raise a burdened harvest stitch pass our sunken mind thrill

Aid her lungs dazzle merrily

Arousing mild scenery, in the skies domain

Whoo hooo whoo hooo

The waving flag, lost in freedom

Like feathers in the wind




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