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The Prophet Who Prophesied About The Death Of TB Joshua, Prophet Alex Ugochukwu Makes More Revelations, Warns The Bishop Of Enugu Dioceses To Leave Father Mbaka Alone, More.

Prophet Alex Ugochukwu.

The Lord opened my eyes and I saw this very big space ship that was covering the earth, people in Asia can see the shape, people in Africa can see the shape and other parts of the world too. And suddenly I saw armies like roborts were dropping on the earth. Some with parachute and some were using ropes. And immediately they opened their weapons of war and began to kill people. Different arms and different things coming out from the mouth of their arms. Some were bringing out chemical weapons like an acid, some fires and different types. And the Lord is telling me that the earth should prepare, there is a disaster coming. It is not a human war, it is like a disaster war. The earth needs to prepare, a mother Earth war. Every child of God should prepare. Countries should prepare, the world needs to make peace and prepare.


The Lord showed me something like a rocket that goes to the moon, this one doesn't have one nuzzle, this one has two, looking like a speed jet, the direction of that jet was to go to the moon. Some minutes after it took off, just as it has entered another sphere or planet, there was an error. And that error occurred it could not continue, it now faced back to the earth. As it faced back to the earth; it now lost control, it was falling without control and what I could see was Russia. It landed in an ocean in Russia and exploded. And when it exploded there were some vapours that came out from it, some smoke that came out from it. It now happened that this very rocket was carrying a chemical weapon to go and pollute something in the air but the Lord turned it back. There is a country planning to destroy the world, there is a country planning to bring disaster but the God of Isreal is always alive. The Lord said (between now and 18 months) it will happen soon. You will hear the rumour, it will happen soon.


I see a particular Governor surrendering his cabinet and his office. I see the Governor of a state submitting his office and cabinet, Calling the people to come and teach them how to run it because they have failed. That they have failed the masses, I see it coming soon


On the 2nd of October 2021, I the Lord will do something in Nigeria, such that Nigeria entirely will know that I am the king of Nigeria. I am a merciful God and I have given them chance to repent. I have heard the cry of my people. I am giving Nigeria from now till the 2nd of October, I am giving the government of Nigeria from now till the 2nd of October. I am giving the government of Nigeria from now till the 2nd of October says the Almighty.


I don't know why many of my priests have refused to tell the truth. I say it today that those calling my name genuinely but has failed to tell this government the truth, I will keep killing them one after the other, I will take their lives and I will bring destruction in their churches. What I show you in the secret is not what you are saying in the open because of the material that they give you, say the truth and I will defend you because my people that are all living in an unknown environment have been crying and nobody is hearing their voice. So I have spoken through you that you should be a voice to those that have no voice, so why did you stop telling them the truth. Because when you speak they will hear, I am bringing this warning to the church, precisely the church in Nigeria. From now till October 2nd, any of my priest that does not stand for the truth, that did not tell this Government the truth and preach the truth, I will bring disaster to that church. I am the founder of church, I am the founder of your calling says the Almighty God. He says, Obey my word, stand by my word, interpret what I say. I will close down many churches in Nigeria. The Lord said he will close down many churches in Nigeria because they are not preaching his word, they are turning against me and enriching themselves. I will rewrite the writing of my church, I will bring it back like the days of old. Don't give up my children, don't give up. When it's getting tough am making a new way. There will be a fresh air that will blow soon, and many lives will change positively


In Nigeria, am going to bring winter under summer (I, prophet Alex don't know what that means). In the middle of summer I will bring winter. (I prophet Alex don't know what that means) in the middle of hot sun I will bring cold. I will take the little and make him the king


Hear me clear Nigeria, 2023 what I the Lord will do in Nigeria will be a history to the world. Those that doesn't like their lives go and start planning, you will see how you will end. 2023 Nigeria will see my hand. They will know that I am the Almighty God. There will be an announcement of dozens of deaths of politicians. Anyone that repents, they will see after 2023, but anyone that is planning evil, they will take money and buy people, you will see how I will end their lives. Let me tell the whole world, before 9months to 2023 or 1year to 2023, there will be several accidents that will happen that will involve most of the big men. If it happens 90%, 85% are people that plan against the 2023 election. I will take their lives in any means I have chosen, don't cry when you see that happening because these are the people that have remained adamant to my instruction. Harken unto the voice of the Lord thy God and ye shall prosper in thy going out and coming in, but anyone that kicks against my will, Because I have heard the prayer of my people in Nigeria. I have heard the cry of my people in Nigeria. Because Nations that have seen the truth have refused to come to their rescue. The world nation have seen the truth. I see where original files enter the world nations, enter the UN United Nations and they refused to accept. I have seen them all, they are all currupt, but I will fight for my people, I will defend my people. Because when I created them there was no United Nations, I am the God that make peace from heaven, and I will make peace to my people, I will make peace to my people, I will make peace to my people, peace will stand again. This country will stand again, my people will experience their freedom. For I have spoken.


There will be another announcement of the death of a popular priest, and my reason for most of them departing and leaving this Earth is that they failed to pass the truth. Tell my people, let your mouth be a mouth of truth. This is a season of truth, and anyone that lies I will strike. I have come down like in the days of old, days of vengeance. Very soon my grace will expire. What you hear about Grace , very soon am going to take it back like in the days of Moses because I see wickedness in the people I created.


The Lord opened my eyes and I see there is a man, he walked directly inside a morgue . And in this morgue, the way they place people inside like in a pan as if it is a fridge but not a fridge, you can hold this pan and draw the person out. I saw this man with a multitude behind him as if he is a physical leader, leader in a particular nation but I didn't recognize the face as a leader in the nations. then he has a crown behind him and he is putting on a royal robe like a royal majesty. With a very big crown cap and of a very long height. He worked into this mogue, he will drag this person out, and when he sees the mark of the cross on the forehead the person will come back to life. He will jump out of the mogue, jump and run out naked and the family members will grab him. And the man will come again, he will look at another, he will see 'cancel' he will push it back and go to the next. He will see 'cross' and that one will jump back to life and run out naked and the family members will grab him. That is how he was going selectively waking up people that carry the mark of exemption, the mark of resurrection upon their forehead. In that mogue, he woke up alot of people and he abandoned alot of people. God is fighting for those who are HIS. He resurrected them because they have the mark on their head. I will resurrect my people, I will save my people, but I will look on their forehead, it's only by the mark I will know them. And I will resurrect them, and I will give them my breath of life.. 

I saw some people inside a camp, and in the camp they have been starving for longtime inside the camp. And I saw an angel appear like a dove, big dove, and something was like at his back like a box, and from the box it started bringing out food.

Tell them to leave Mbaka alone, Bishop leave Mbaka alone. Tell them to leave Mbaka alone, he is still HIS son, HE has forgiven him. If they send another man to take over his ministry, that person will die there.


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