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Has The Secret Fight Between Nollywood Actors, Genevieve Nnaji & Kate Henshaw Finally Ended?

Genevieve & Kate.

The decade-long feud between Nollywood actresses, Genevieve Nnaji and Kate Henshaw, was finally quashed on July 20, 2021, same day the latter joined the golden jubilee club.

Genevieve took out time to post Kate’s photo on her page and wished her nothing but the happiest of birthdays she had ever experienced. Many were undoubtedly shocked at this gesture. This is quite understandable.

First, Genevieve is a recluse who hardly keeps friends. While she has only one or two people outside of the entertainment industry she calls her friends, she isn’t exactly friendly with her colleagues and only relates with not more than three of them whom everyone knows.

Also, even with the ones she relates with, she would never be caught celebrating them and their milestones on her social media page. So it came as a pleasant surprise when she not only decided to end her beef with Kate, but also celebrate her on her page as Kate clocked 50.

Expectedly, Kate was besides herself with joy as she quickly acknowledge the show of love from Genevieve. The duo, who used to be very good friends, became sworn enemies almost a decade ago for reasons they are not willing to reveal. Sources say their mutual friends have tried to wade in to resolve the issue between them, but it always proved abortive. So bad was their feud that when Genevieve celebrated her 40th birthday a few years ago, she invited herself and Kate’s mutual friends, all of who are of the old Nollywood school, to her beach party which trended for days and conspicuously missing was Kate. 

Well now, all that is in the past as the single mothers are now back to being friends again.


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