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SENATOR ENYINNAYA ABARIBE BLOWS HOT, SAYS: In the North, Terrorists Are Called Bandits, In The South, Unarmed Freedom Fighters Are Called Terrorists, Government Arrest Them And Even Kill Them At Will.

Senator Enyi Abaribe.

The Senator representing Abia South Senatorial district in the Senate chambers has described the Nigerian situation the best way he could, giving example what is happening between the North and the South.

According to him, “We Have Two Sets Of Laws In Nigeria.

We have the law for the North and the law for the South. In the North, terrorists are called bandits, government negotiate with them and pay them huge amount of money for their terrorism.

In the South, unarmed freedom fighters are called terrorists, government arrest them and even kill them at will.

In the North, police don’t arrest criminals or extort motorists. In the South, police arrest innocent citizens and extort motorists. In the North, Islamic police (Hisbah) arrest Nigerian police for drinking alcohol. In the South, police arrest vigilantes that drink alcohol and label them criminals.

In the North, Northern youths can kill innocent Southerners and no one will arrest them. In the South, Southern youths get arrested for attacking armed Fulani herdsmen. How will people believe in One Nigeria with these treatments?


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