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Nollywood Actors, Anita Joseph-Olagunju Unfollows Colleague, Destiny Etiko Over Her Fight With Another, Luchy Donalds.

Anita, Luchy & Destiny.

The war between two Nollywood Actors, Luchy Donalds and Destiny Etiko over a man has finally drawn the attention of another of their colleague, Anita Joseph-Olagunju who has unfollowed Destiny Etiko in solidarity with Luchy Donalds.

Anita may have taken sides with Luchy Donalds because she didn't like how Destiny Etiko handled the issues she had with her colleague Luchy, and the fact also that the man involved in the matter shouldn't be for Destiny alone, so, everyone should share.

But what could have gotten Anita so pissed to the extent of unfollowing Destiny, on a matter that is of no direct to her, especially when she is supposed to be closer to Destiny than Luchy, but time will tell.

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