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Zenith Bank Celebrated As A Satisfied Customer Eulogize Them For Reversing Stamp-Duty Fees Taken From His Account.

Zenith Bank HQ.

Stamp Duty issues between customers of Nigerian banks had almost become a talking point in Nigerian as alot of bank customers had had one issue or the other with the development and as if the challenge isn't important or relevant, the ugly situation had put some question-marks on the trust level between the bank and her customers.

But a Zenith Bank customer, Mr. Goddie Ofose, who is a Journalist and a Brand Reporter had come out to eulogize the bank for reversing the money he claimed the bank mistakenly took from his account without him complaining or raising alarm about it.  

According to Goddie Ofose, "I woke up this morning to see N800 Stamp Duty reversal to my Zenith Bank account, obviously charged in error. Good News was that I didn't lodge any complaint on this matter to the bank as the reversal is done voluntarily by Zenith Bank.

This is a good development as with this example by Zenith Bank, others would follow suit in remitting withdrawals with or without the knowledge of bank customers in Nigeria, as this would help restart the process of rebuilding the already lost trust amongst bank users and customers.

Goddie Ofose's testimony is an example of what banks should do to their customers in order to retain their loyalty.

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