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Enugu State Ministry Of Transportation Officials Overbearing Attitude Raises Concern Amongst Human Right Activists In The State.

Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.

On the 9th of December, 2021, it was once again brought to public glare the gap in the expected professional conduct of some traffic officers of the Ministry of Transport (MOT), Enugu State.

We as concerned Citizens; Youth Groups and Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Enugu State express our concern and disappointment over an incidence of human right abuse of a helpless citizen by supposed public servants.

An undeniable one minute, thirty two seconds (1:32) video footage showed how a citizen; a tricycle operator was manhandled by personnel of the Ministry of Transport (MOT) who are supposedly traffic officers. There were six (6) officers on uniform at the scene of the incidence. Five (5) officers among them were seen manhandling the tricycle operator until he fell to the ground and became motionless.

The officers, seeing his condition then decided to leave him lying helplessly on the ground under the scorching sun as they try to tow his tricycle away. This act is capable of inciting mass mob action by the citizens if unchecked in the future.

The incidence occurred in front of First Bank Plc and Bon Sunshine Hotel on the Presidential Road axis, and eye witnesses abound.

Having viewed the video clip repeatedly and closely analysed it, we were further disappointed in the approach employed by these officers who in the guise of managing traffic situation in their bits, end up extorting and abusing the human rights of road users especially commercial transporters.

Enugu State Ministry of Transport (MOT) Traffic Enforcement Bureau was established by the past administration in 2004, through the Road Traffic Law, S.86 CAP 137, Vol. VI Laws of Enugu State of Nigeria, 2004 Enugu State Road Traffic (Approved Traffic Offences, Penalties and Fine) and has been in operation since then. Its personnel are empowered and saddled with the responsibility to ensure a decent, civilized and effective management of traffic rules and regulations in the state. But due to the increasing urge and tendencies of traffic officers on duty to victimize road users, the guarantee of a refined and robust traffic management system has been scuttled.

We take authority from other publications in the public domain bothering on this same subject matter to amplify our voices on this creeping rot in the governance structure of the state of the coal city.


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