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EXCLUSIVE: Medical Doctor, Dr. Obialor Ibe Assassinated In Abuja Same Day He Was To Travel Abroad, Traveling Documents, Car Disappear.

The Late Dr.

Dr. Obialor Ibe was gruesomely and brutally murdered at his home in Abuja between 8:00AM and 11:00AM on Tuesday, the 15th of December, 2021 by unknown cold-blooded murderers who invaded his home as he was getting ready to leave for the airport onward his trip to the United States.

He was actually slated to leave for the United States of America today, but his murder story as told by younger sister, Barrister Adanna Ibe, who lives with him:

Obi was ready to leave for the airport. His friend came to pick him up. Adanna left for work.

His sister later called her brother to wish him safe journey, but could not reach him after several attempts, she then called the house boy, who told her he left Obi at home to go on an errand, which got her worried.

Barrister Adanna decided to go back home and on reaching home, the gate was locked from the outside with a new padlock, which gave the idea that something was wrong, she then again, called the house boy, who told her where to find the new key.

She got into the house and found her brother, Obi’s lifeless body with that of his friend who had gone to the house to drive him to the airport.

They had both have been stabbed several times in the chest and abdomen, with his 5 month-old car, luggage and his traveling documents all gone.

Police is already investigating the case and no suspicion is allowed at this point.


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