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GOOD NEWS: A NEWLY Installed Sultan Rejects An Offer Of A 14 Years Old Girl Given To Him For Marriage, Says Girl Is Under-aged.

Nabil Mbombo Njoya.

This is the time for traditional rulers to take up the challenge of being role models, not only to their immediate environments, but to the society at large and this was exemplified by the newly installed sultan of Bamoun in Cameroon, HRH Nabil Mbombo Njoya, who declined the offer of a 14-year-old virgin in marriage as tradition demands.

According to tradition, the wife of a new Sultan must come from the Njim Monchouh family to terminate traditional rites known as “Lah-Kam”.

But the Sultan, Njoya refused the 14-year-old girl offered by the family because she is a minor and opted to marry his long time girlfriend instead.

He has however promised to sponsor the 14 year-old from secondary school right up to University.


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