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SMALL GIRL, BIG GOD: Another Nollywood Female Actor. Luchy Donalds Takes Delivery Of A Mercedes Benz Jeep As Christmas Gift From Who Knows!!

Luchy Donalds.

Just a few weeks after holidaying in Istanbul with a man who is said to be the boyfriend of her fellow actor, Destiny Etiko, Luchy Donalds has been gifted by someone not mentioned, of a Mercedes Jeep car as her Christmas gift. The white car, according to her, was waiting for her before she returned to Nigeria from her Holiday in Istanbul.

You would recall that Luchy and Destiny had engaged themselves on Social Media for reasons some of us attributed to the former, snatching the boyfriend of the later, but chose to keep the matter under wraps for fear of being mocked by people who know their secret dealings.

So, Destiny Etiko displayed white cars several times, now is then the turn of  Luchy Donalds to display hers, especially when it is said that the two are sleeping with the same man.

Luchy took to her IG Page to celebrate her new car, and says, " While I was chilling in Istanbul, my Christmas gift was chilling waiting for me at home. Christmas gift came early, God I am super grateful, it can only be you Lord".

Some of these girls need to tell us how they go about their businesses of making it so quickly in just a few appearances in movies in Hollywood.

It is worthy of note that she tactically did not mention the person from whom the Christmas gift came from, but somehow, we have an idea who he is.

These are the ladies in Nollywood who make mockery of the efforts and working abilities of young men in the industry who put in months and sometimes, years of hardwork before they are able to breakthrough and break even.

IT CAN ONLY BE YOU LORD!!!! Next would be a house, watch.


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