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2023 PRESIDENCY: Senator Anyim Pius Anyim, An Opportunity For Justice By Tony Icheku.

Senator Anyim Pius Anyim.


The 2023 Presidential election is provoking unusual interest and generating controversy as the people digest, and react to reasons advanced by presidential hopefuls for seeking the office. Some are mundane, some spurious and some retrogressive.

Indeed, 2023 presidential election is one that would redefine Nigeria's existence as one Nation. 

Gradually, from the aspirants,   men would be sieved from the boys. But even from the men, giants are emerging like the former President of the Senate, Senator Anyim Pius Anyim who towers, intellectually, like a colossus above other aspirants.

For Sen Anyim, becoming Nigeria's President in 2024 is not about claiming the right of the South-East geo-political region where he comes from, to produce the next president for Nigeria.

 "I seek the office of the President of Nigeria as a constitutional right. The Constitution says every Nigerian of 40 years is entitled to aspire for that office.

“Is it right for the South-East to produce the next president? My answer is legally no.

“On the other hand, morally is it right? Is it an entitlement? I will say yes because the Federal Character principle enshrined in the constitution encourages rotation"

It is clear therefore that the agitation for the SE to produce the next president is not a matter of right but constitutional requirement whose fulfillment should not be glossed over if indeed we seek a Nation where Rule of Law is sacrosanct.

But the Anyim Presidency is not simply about doing justice to a people, it is about giving Nigeria the right leadership to position it for it's leadership of the Black World. While politicians think about the next election, leaders think of the next generation, and for Sen. Anyim, his aspiration is about seeking a platform for actualisation of his vision for a greater number: The Anyim Presidency is thus not about politicking, but about idealising a better future and enriched sense of ultimate purpose for all people. It is a vision of a better Nigeria for current and upcoming generation.

Like a Moses who saw the Promisedland, Sen Anyim has seen the Nigeria of our dreams. Like a dreamer, carrying a powerful vision, Sen Anyim approaches the presidential race  with confidence, humility, integrity and empathy - all pillars of  a  people-centric leader.

He says, ”...I desire to reposition the country to catch up with the future.  We will be proud of it if I am given the opportunity. 

“In the next few years, the type of employment we will be talking about will not be the type we are talking about right now. "And we need to reposition this country to catch up with the future so that we can preserve the future for our children. That is what I stand for, that is what I want to bring to the table....

“I.... want to assure you that we are into a new season, a season that will set out a new future for the younger generation, a season that will refocus Nigeria, a season that will reunite Nigeria, a season we must not make mistake about, a season we must bring everybody together to have a sense of nationhood. We have no other country than this country,” he affirmed.

It is worth applauding that Anyim's vision for a greater Nigeria is spreading fast. According to former State chairman of PDP in Katsina, Alhaji Yaro Makama Rigachikun,  arguing that Sen Anyim is the kind of leader Nigeria needs now says  we must be very careful in choosing who becomes president of Nigeria come 2023.

"...The president of Nigeria we need in 2023 must be a man of integrity and capacity with proven knowledge of how government works.

“He must be a man who believes in one Nigeria and has demonstrated that by how he relates with people from every part of this country. We need a man who will build bridges of friendship and togetherness. We need a tried and tested consensus builder to bring Nigeria back together as one united and indivisible country. We need a man who is competent and has proved his competence from the services he has rendered to our country in various capacities.”, he stated, even as he recommends Anyim to Nigerians.

As a believer in one Nigeria, as a technocrat and a consensus builder, Anyim had seen it all, first as Senate President, and  as Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF.

And according to the political activist, Comrade Abdulsalam Mohammed Kazeem,  "Anyim is a symbol of national unity"

Comrade Kazeem maintains that “As a former Senate President, history has it that before his emergence as the President of the Senate, the Senate was a troubled institution. His emergence helped to bring to an end all forms of crisis rocking the senate. This was achieved because he introduced inclusiveness in all the activities of the Red chamber"

The Governor of Abia State, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu amplifies this view while endorsing the 'Anyim for President project', and described him as  “a man whose public service credentials and experience are good enough for the Presidency of Nigeria”

Again the issue of fair-play, equity and justice came to play as Gov Ikpeazu stresses that:  “What matters now is for the Igbos to be given a chance to produce the next Nigerian President.

“No other tribe in Nigeria has demonstrated practical belief in the Nigerian nation better than the Igbos as can be seen from the fact that our people live and invest heavily in every part of the country,” he stated

Still on the imperative of a technocrat and people-centric leader for the Country, a Nigerian in Diaspora HRH Ndubuisi Oti Eze Chinyereugo I, Ezeigbo n'Thailand  says Nigeria may never achieve greatness if we continue electing leaders from ethnocentric perspectives: “I am urging every Nigerian to keep aside tribalism and sentiment and look inward for that leader who has the technical know-how to steer Nigeria to the route of greatness and harmony. Nigeria as a country needs a leader like Sen. Anyim Pius Anyim who knows Nigeria in and out to come onboard"

Summing up, it bears re-stating that for being the most experienced in politics and governance; For being the most passionate about Nigeria and for generating the most positive vibrations from a cross section of Nigerians, Sen Anyim Pius Anyim, GCON,  easily bestrides the presidential race like a Collosus. Like an apprentice who from  teens to adulthood was taught the rudiments of a trade, Sen Anyim, a legal practitioner,   has seen it all in all arms of  government, he is easily the most prepared, the man Nigeria needs in 2023.


Tony Icheku is a journalist and public affairs commentator.

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