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2023 PRESIDENCY: Yemi Osinbajo On How He Became Vice President Of Nigeria.

Osinbajo & Tinubu.

The Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo in December, spoke about how he emerged the APC’s vice presidential candidate in 2015, through a video which emerged again on Twitter in January 2021 amid the growing speculations that the Vice President wants to succeed his principal, Buhari, in 2023.

Osinbajo, a Pastor and Professor of Law, attributed his emergence as the vice presidential candidate to God and the support Nigerians extended to him then.

The vice president spoke on his emergence as the nation’s number two citizen when he visited that Reverend Dr. Udochi M Odikanwa at the Annual Convention of The Restoration Life Assembly Int’l in December 2021, attributing his emergence from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to God, noting that he was not even politically strong enough to win a local government chairmanship election.

“Look, nobody gets anything except he receives it from the Lord Almighty. He is the giver of all good gifts. Every perfect gift comes from him. He is the one who can do all things. The race is never to the swift nor the battle to the strong. “Time and chance happen to us all. That is the Almighty God. He has a purpose for everything. And that’s why today I’m vice president. There is no way I could win a local government election in 2014, no way. Nobody knew who I was. Nobody knew who I was. Yes I had served as a commissioner in Lagos but hey, there were loads of commissioners.

“Nobody knew who I was but God had his hand in it. He had his hand in it. By the time I was nominated… I was nominated overnight. I was waiting to go to court. I was sitting down in a hotel room with my colleagues from my chambers, preparing for a case at the Supreme Court the next morning.

“1am, I got a call. “Where are you? We’re coming to pick you. I said, “What do you mean you are coming to pick me? I am preparing for a case tomorrow morning. And I was told I had been nominated as the vice presidential candidate of my party and I knew that it was God at work. I had no doubt in my mind.

Because it is not by power or by might, by the spirit of the Almighty God himself. I knew it was God. “And the reason God has put me in this position at a time like this, it is also peculiar, known to him.

“Some of our brethren say you are there as Esther for a time such as this and I remind them also, that when Esther was told by Mordecai that you are there for a time such as this, Esther told Mordecai, she said you must go and fast and pray for me”.


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