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Arise News Loses One Of Her Finest Reporters As Amaka Okoye Resigns, Joins DW Dautsche Welle As West Africa Correspondent.

Amaka Okoye.
Amaka Okoye was until recently, one of the best reporters Arise News could boast of, as she had traversed through the length and breadth of the country, bringing Nigerian stories from that some broadcast stations fear to report.
Amaka on her resumption at DW Dautsche.

Amaka is one woman with the heart of a lion who is not afraid of either the sound of war, gunshots, fire and other risks associated with the kind of reportage she does, which is why the management of DW Dautsche had to take her from Arise News.
Amaka with her colleagues on her last day at Arise.

She is not now Africa Representative for the News Platform and she is very elated that her years of hard-work is now paying off, especially her rare reportorial prowess which endeared her to Nigerians on the Arise News platform. 
Amaka on the News desk.

Before joining Arise News, Amaka Okoye was with PlusTV Africa, but her best came forth when Arise News gave her the challenge of covering beats reporters like her dread, and today, she is a proud woman who would earn Euros as a News-Woman in Nigeria.

So, congratulations would be in order for Arise News for giving her the platform to shine and to her too, for taking up challenges that others refuse to take and some of us are wondering who would replace her at Arise News now?

Last year, 2021, Arise News produced award winning broadcasters ranging from Ngozi Alaegbu, to Ndee Amaugo who won awards for their presentation skills.


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