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Imo APC Extols Hope Uzodimma On His 2nd Year Anniversary In Office, Says His Scorecard Is Brilliant, Unprecedented & Phenomenal.

Hope Uzodimma.

The attention of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Imo State chapter under the indefatigable chairmanship of Hon. Macdonald Kelechi Ebere, PhD, KSJI, has been drawn to a sloppy, incoherent and unfounded press statement credited to the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Imo State, wherein they passed a jaundiced, misleading, biased, dishonest and undeserving verdict on Governor Hope Uzodimma’s two years in office.

Inasmuch as we are not threatened or perturbed by such uncomplimentary, fallacious and mischievous remark from the PDP, as we do not expect or anticipate that our roundly defeated and angry opponent to cheer and applaud our superlative performance, however, what we find very worrisome and irritating is the penchant of the leadership of PDP for fabrication and propagation of falsehood, distortion of facts and figures to achieve premeditated and ill-conceived political objectives.

It is no longer news that the opposition PDP has never seen anything good in Imo State since His Excellency Distinguished Hope Uzodimma, recovered from them the stolen mandate of Imo people through the instrumentality of the law, as a true statesman and democrat on that faithful and remarkable day of January 14, 2020, which has been christened by our people as “Imo Day of Liberation.” It is however, regrettable to note that the party has shamelessly maintained crass impudence, regardless of its seven- month illegitimate occupation of government house, without penitence. What a people?

Before now, we had deliberately refrained from joining issues with the irritating opposition PDP. We would have ignored this latest ranting of habitual losers, which could be succinctly described as a reflection of their current state of frustration, hopelessness, desperation and lack of direction, but for the purpose of clarity especially to undiscerning members of the public, we urge Imo people to disregard that illusory, manipulative and erroneous account of PDP.

Our party wishes to state that contrary to the inaccurate and malicious account of the Imo PDP, the shared prosperity administration of Governor Hope Uzodimma has within this period under review, regardless of numerous challenges ranging from PDP sponsored Supreme Court judgment protests, EndSARS, COVID19, and Unknown Gunmen, etched his name in gold in the history of contemporary Imo State, through the undistracted implementation of the “3R” mantra of Recovery, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of his administration.

To the admiration of “nde”Imo, on whose mandate he’s the governor today, Uzodimma has continued to lay solid foundation for sustainable economic development and prosperity of our dear Imo, through the recovery of looted public properties and assets, rehabilitation of moribund facilities like Standard Shoe Industry, Acharaubo farm Settlement, Emekuku etc and reconstruction of decayed infrastructure occasioned by a decade of maladministration in the state.

Nothing could be more reassuring and fulfilling to the people of Imo State than the recovery of the K.O Mbadiwe University, Ogboko- a 40 billion naira investment of Imo tax payers money fraudulently converted to personal property and the uncompromising implementation of the white paper recommendations on land allocation in Imo State among other brilliant achievements of this administration. Much as we inherited some of these policies from the PDP government, which were in line with our campaign promises to “nde Imo,” what we have come to realize to our bewilderment, is that PDP would never had mustered the political will and courage to implement and execute the recommendations of these committees. For a party like PDP, it is politics first before the welfare of the people!

The urban renewal project of the shared prosperity administration, which has restored the ambiance of Owerri municipality and eliminated entirely the ugly traffic congestion in the city, is another phenomenal scorecard of the people’s governor, which the manipulative devices of the opposition PDP has not been able to diminish.

Imolites are very much aware that while our governor was relentlessly and pragmatically wedging war against perpetrators and sponsors of insecurity in our dear state, the Imo State School of Medicine, Orlu regained its long lost accreditation and eventually graduated over 50 set of medical doctors for the first time in the last 10 years, courtesy of Uzodimma’s sterling leadership. Interestingly, Some of the successful medical doctors, are sons and daughters of prominent PDP leaders in the state.

We want to place it on record that in spite of all the antics employed by the opposition PDP to distract and discredit this administration, Uzodimma has remained undoubtedly focused, determined, resilient and committed to giving Imo people and residents, dividends of democracy in line with his campaign promises of shared prosperity.

While we will not embark on a needless marathon of mentioning all the completed and ongoing roads projects under this administration, we will however not fail to highlight some of the prominent ones for purpose of this response – the dualization and rehabilitation of Owerri-Orlu road, the dualization and rehabilitation of Owerri- Okigwe road, the reconstruction of Akachi road, the reconstruction of Control post-Ibari Ogwa Junction, Rehabilitation of Dick Tiger, reconstruction of Chukwuma Nwoha road, Rehabilitation of Relief Mkt/ Ihechiuwa road, reconstruction of Nekede Polytechnic-Ihiagwa road, Oparanozie- Amaigbo_ Edede street, Imo State University Teaching Hospital road, construction of Omuma- Eleh road etc.

We are delighted and proud like every patriotic and well-meaning Imolite with the two-year scorecard of His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma. It is nothing short of brilliant, unprecedented, phenomenal and verifiable.

APC… Everywhere you go!!


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