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Nollywood Actor, Juliet Ibrahim Cries Out, Says, “I Am Single”, Not Married”!

Juliet and VJ Adams.

Ghanaian and Nollywood actor, Juliet Ibrahim has pleaded with the owners of Wikipedia to kindly correct the very wrong information about her marital status that is on the site, as Wikipedia erroneously wrote that she is married to VJ Adams a.k.a Mr. Ibrahim.

Asserting her views, she took to her Instagram page to write these, “PSA! I just found out that someone random has been editing my Wikipedia page online and for this whole year apparently “Juliet’s spouse is VJ Adams aka Mr. Ibrahim”.

“PLEASE, whoever you are, please edit that out, because I AM SINGLE, I AM NOT MARRIED.”

“I’m an actor, model, brand ambassador, speaker and a host, I work with colleagues on various projects and don’t mean because I did a bridal shoot project with @iamvjadams we are officially married. This is a PSA! Please help a sister out to stay single UNTIL she actually gets married. 


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