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OBJ, Atiku & OUK.

In one of my writings in the past, I gave two conditions that'd allow former VP during OBJ's regime, and that's talking about Turaki Adamawa, Alhaji Atiku Abubarka, to become President of Nigeria.

OBJ is one of those who "own" Nigeria and people frown and call me timid when I talk about owning Nigeria. Thank God that the ovation publisher, Chief Dele Momodu, has recently elucidated this fact in the case of owners of Nigeria even in a way I didn't understand before. What I've discerned is that every country of the world has its owners including USA.

President Buhari won in 2015 and 2019 because the owners of Nigeria preferred him to become President over and above Turaki. Same thing happened to lates Awolowo (AWO), Areona Kankafo of Yoruba land Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola GCFR (MKO). Then to Chief Samuel Oluyemisi Falae (popularly known as Olu Falae).

MKO's crime was local and foreign. On the local scene, MKO was feared because he combined business, politics and media. It was like owning the overriding shares of a company. He alone was commanding three of the prerequisites of a nation's ownership. On the foreign scene, he was going to enunciate a policy that'd have worked against the Western economic structure. He spoke about reparation.

OBJ was brought out from the prison and made President by the owners. And it was done to placate the Yorubas on the events of June 12, 93. Then as a military strategist he used the period of his presidency (1999 - 2007) to reconfigure the Nigerian's ownership structure in such a way that he became a core member. When OBJ became President in 1999, he pulled out all army officers who have ever had a stint in politics (or government or any form of leadership). This he did, I guess, to whittle down coup d'état to its barest minimum.

OBJ quickly followed up the sack of army politicians with establishment of EFCC which he handed over to Ribadu (a police commissioner) who then compiled activities of past military leaders and politicians alike. These dossiers are stacked away in OBJ's Ota farm library. With it OBJ can mess up anybody including OUK. The only thing that can make OBJ less portent is if his Ota establishment is destroyed. But you can trust that, as a military strategist he is, he'd have duplicated and distributed the dossiers in various places.

Once in a while, people such as Trump in USA, Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) of Singapore  or late Abacha in Nigeria could rise up to try to disrupt ownership. If they succeed, then the nation, they come from, could become good and its sociopolitical trajectory could change for good or a tyrant would be born. Most often, the membership of owners are drawn from the economic movers, military chiefs, religious leaders and media executives and, more depending on the size and economy of such nation.

I did write then that for the Turaki to become President, he had to find a way to either open up OBJ's scrotum and pull out his testicles or "kukuma" plot OBJ's death "gabadia".  No condition is permanent and a lot of water has now passed under the bridge and the equation may have changed. But it still require time to decide. Today the second person who has that same fate in Nigeria's political space is OUK.

So, if the political groups (parties) decide to zone the presidential slot to SE come 2023 and OUK emerges the flag bearer in APC, PDP may pick up the presidency. The owners of the country will make sure one or both group (Party) presidential bearers is/are their choice candidate.

Most often, when I write about politics in Nigeria, I don't do it because of political group (party) affiliation or vengeance or bitterness towards anybody. I write because I've observed the trend, keenly, for over 40 years. In most cases, I may even not be comfortable with my postulations.

If PDP produced Alhaji Tambawal in 2019, they'd have pulled the sand off APC's Buhari's feet. That's to say PDP lost moment they skewed their group's(party's) presidential nomination towards Turaki. Governor Wike saw it coming, but the owners of PDP upstaged him. Invariably, we see that the phenomenon of ownership runs through down to the last rung of the ladder.

The truth is that the "owners" aren't imbued by the interest of their nations as much as their personal interests. The person they choose to emerge is usually a dummy they manipulate for their interest even if the people of the country will be worst by their choice.

Then of course, the owners of third world countries work in tandem with  owners of foreign countries so as to maintain the flow of resources in their favour. Whereas the owners of civilized countries manipulate their citizenry through their media to have their way. In time to come - and I even think it's already happening - social media gurus will become the greatest manipulators. This pattern of ownership will eventually bring the world to it's knees much earlier than the impact of environmental pollution.


Si lam kara.

Chris Onyishi.


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