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2023 PRESIDENCY: A 102-Year-Old Nigerian Woman, Nonye Josephine Ezeanyaeche Declares Her Intention To Run.

Nonye Josephine Ezeanyaeche.

You know, in Nigeria, anything can happen and being that there is no age limit to what can happen to people politically, so, anyone can aspire for any position and at whatever age.

So, this 102 year old woman, Ambassador Nonye Josephine Ezeanyaeche has declared her intention to contest for the highest office in the land, that is, the presidency come 2023. 

She and her entourage said this on their visit to the headquarters of the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA where the met with the Director General, who hosted them well.

For Mama Nonye Josephine Ezeanyaeche, running for the office of President Federal Republic of Nigeria with her reason being that she has not seen any credible candidate declare for the job yet and she wants to fill that space, especially when there is nobody in the race yet.


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