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2023 PRESIDENCY: Lagos Ezes’ Urge Other Regions To Support Call For President Of South-East Extraction.

The Ezes.

Ahead of the 2023 general elections, the Lagos State Eze Udo, led by its chairman, Eze Ikem Agbasi, who is also the Eze Udo Isolo, have added their voices to the call for a President of South-East extraction, when they urged other regions to support an Igbo to emerge President for the sake of peace and unity. 

Eze Agbasi who spoke on behalf of the Eze Udo in Lagos State, during its monthly general meeting which was held at his palace on Thursday, said that the time had come for other regions to support Ndigbo.

He said, “It is unfortunate that an Igbo man contributed to the fight for our independence, but Ndigbo have been relegated to the background in the scheme of things.

“Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe was a detribalized Nigerian and his efforts contributed to the unity of Nigeria and the independence.  An average Igbo man has the spirit of unity and peace which is the reason he develops everywhere he resides, irrespective of region or state. We will be happy if other Nigerians for the sake of justice; equity, peace and unity give us the opportunity to rule this country,” he said. 

The Eze who hosted other members to a lunch during the meeting used the opportunity to talk about the role of traditional rulers in promoting Igbo culture.

”Ndi Eze Udo ensure that there is peace in our communities and that our culture is promoted, which is why we always celebrate our new yam festival and other activities anywhere we reside in the Diaspora, showcase our rich cultural heritage, especially for the benefit of our children who are born and raised outside Igbo land,” Agbasi said.

The Lagos State President of Igbo Speaking Community, Chief Sunday Ude, who corroborated Eze Agbasi said that 2023 will determine if Nigeria is truly one nation.

“The President of Igbo extraction is long overdue and I must say that the 2023 election will confirm to us if we are one Nigeria. All political parties should zone their presidential slot to the South-East region. As an Igbo leader, I am appealing to the North, South-West and South-South to desist from clamouring for the President but rather support the South-East region in 2023 because we supported them at other times,” he said.


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