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Nollywood Actor, Akachi Max Attacked, Robbed At Gun-Point In Asaba, Delta State.

Akachi Max.

Nollywood actor, Akachi Max has narrated how he escaped being killed by armed robbers who attacked him on his way back from location, in Asaba, the Delta State capital.


Speaking Exclusively to "Precious Eze's Blog", Akachi narrates how the whole scenario played out, as according to him, it was on Saturday night, the 12th of February, 2022, around past 10pm, directly in front of Unity School, in Asaba, Delta State, off Okpanam road, by NTA.

As I was coming back from location, I sighted these two guys on bite at that time of the night, they passed and turned around facing me and what I heard next was, “IS THAT YOU, OYA BRING THAT YOUR SAMSUNG PHONE”, meaning they knew who I was, either on screen or real life and for them to know that I use a Samsung Phone was a shocker too for me.


The one seating at the back of the bike jumped down, attacked me saying, wey the phone nah, wey the money and to me, I would have dealt with the two of them because with my built, they can’t challenge me anywhere. I started messing the one that came to me up before his colleague fired a bullet in the air and I humbled myself immediately.

They took my phones, the money with me and with the phone, they wiped all the money in my account that same night, but the surprising thing was that this thing happened in front of Unity School with security men, with people passing and no one raised an eyebrow to my defense, showing you how bad the security situation in Nigeria has become.


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