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Nollywood Actors, Destiny Etiko, Rachael Okonkwo, Chizzy Alichi & Their Relationships Gone Sore.

Destiny. Racheal & Chizzy.

The level of rivalry between female Nollywood Actors these is gradually getting to an alarming dimension, but still, a few of them have still remained close with each other and co-habiting without any hindrance whatsoever. 

Infact, "Precious Eze's Blog" reliably gathered that one of the most successful relationships between these female actors is that which is existing between Uju Okoli and Georgina Ibe, as their friendship is said to be devoid of envy, ranchor and jealousy, but they enjoy such flourishing, but it isn't the same for others like Destiny Etiko, Rachael Okonkwo and Chizzy Alichi.

It is on record that Rachael who became a star before the other two mentioned here, through the movie, Nkoli Nwa-Nssukka and had remained humble, accommodating others who came after her, then Chizzy entered the scene and then, Destiny came.

The fact that Destiny became an instant success with her little time in the industry still baffles alot of people, though her success had been attributed to her consistent showcase of her body parts and some of the relationships she had been linked with in the industry, including with some Directors and Producers, the beef became very pronounced.

The fact that Destiny Etiko was not in the burial at the burial ceremony of the burial of the mother of the Racheal Okonkwo's mother was a shock to people, and then, when Destiny buried her father, Rachael too couldn't attend.

You would recall that both Racheal Okonkwo and Destiny Etiko are from Enugu State, but Rachael seemed to have the ears of the Governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, who sure partners with her on any of her projects in and outside the state.

Chizzy Alichi on the other hand became popular when she took the bull by it's horn to build a house for her parents in the village, an act that nearly made her a household name against those who were there before her, but in all of this, Rachael Okonkwo still remains on top of her game, with choice houses in Lagos, and other places, and choice cars as well in her garage.

Destiny may have all the men outside, Rachael had the Governor of Enugu State at her beck and call all the time, while Chizzy has her husband for now, but we wish the three very beautiful ladies could burry the hatchet and come together for the sake of their fans.


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