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Nollywood Actors, Jerry Williams & Destiny Etiko Break Up Their Relationship, As They Are No Longer Compatible.

Jerry & Destiny.

The love relationship that was existing between Nollywood Actor, Destiny Etiko and Jerry Williams seem to have hit the rocks as they are no longer dating.

The two of them were an item in the circle of those that knew about it and when Destiny was not as popular as she is now, but as things are now, they have broken up.

News around town has it that Jerry Williams could no longer cope with Destiny Ekito's excesses, so, had to end the relationship before he runs mad. 

"Precious Eze's Blog" learnt that Jerry got tired of the number of men flocking around Destiny and had been complaining for a very long time, but when he noticed that Destiny was not willing to atleast, improve on the number of men around her, he had to pull out of the relationship.

And, we have also noticed that the number of movies the two of them feature together on, has also reduced, contrary to when they were dating, as Producers saw their relationship a means to cast them for love roles, so, we saw them featuring together more often.

But we hear they are still very good friends.

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