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Single Nigerian Men Cannot Take Proper Care Of Their Children – Nollywood Actor, Adunni Ade.

Adunni Ade.

The Nollywood actor, who is also a single mother has opined that Nigerian men, single fathers, cannot take care of their children.

According to her, “I hope I’m not being mean by saying that Nigerian men, they can’t really… single father, can’t really just take care of their child, so they have to put the child here and put the child there.”

Recalling her childhood, she stated; “It was really a dark period growing up here, I remember more of hurt than happiness. When I left Nigeria after I graduated from secondary school, and I went back to my mum. You know, that was always my dream-to be with my mum. 

“I did not realize then, the damage of her [mum] not being around had caused. Now, she was also dealing with her own demons, we were just clashing, I just did not feel the love and care that I ought to have, even from a very young age. 

Speaking about the father of her children, she revealed the over eight years’ relationship wasn’t the best also; she described it as darker situation than she experienced during her juvenile days in Nigeria. 


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