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Yahaya Bello Halts Schedule To Attend To People With Special Needs Who Came To Visit Him.

Yahaya Bello.

Moved to compassion on Wednesday, Kogi state Governor, Yahaya Bello, alighted from his vehicle to interact with some disabled persons who had been waiting outside close to his residence.

Joyfully displaying a banner with the Governor's portrait on it, the people with special needs expressed gladness when Governor Bello moved closer and exchanged pleasantries with them.

"Your Excellency. A man of simplicity. I doff my hat for you," a voice echoed from the crowd as the Governor exchanged pleasantries with everyone.

"I was just told you have been waiting to see me. I didn't know. I had to go out for a programme. So, when I was told, I had to turn back to come and attend to you," said the empathetic Governor.

Governor Bello, however, promised that they will be well taken care of and will listen to their demands/requests

Recall that in September, 2021, Yahaya Bello approved the immediate employment of a lady with physical disability, Abigail Kasuwa Simon in addition to others who are serving in his government through appointments and employments.

The Governor who is reputed for providing support to physically challenged people around the country immediately said “Personally, I owe my God a commitment to support persons with disabilities(PWDs) and every one that is weak. It is our responsibility to support them and raise their hope and morale to believe in themselves.

“My administration has done a lot to prove to the world that PWDs are able and should be given opportunities as everyone else”.

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