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2023 PRESIDENCY: Nigerians In Diaspora Urge Atiku Abubakar To Run For The Office Of President, To Salvage Nigeria.

Prof. Isa Odidi & Atiku Abubakar.

A group of Nigerians living in the Diaspora has asked the former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to rescue Nigeria and Nigerians by running for the office of the president, come 2023.


The group led by Professor Isa Odidi said they are wish to  add their voice and weight behind other well meaning Nigerians who are urging him to join the 2023 presidential. 

The statement made by Professor Isa Odidi reads; As major stakeholders in the success and progress of Nigeria, we are concerned about the quality of political leadership in the country. In fact, the success or failure of a country is directly proportional to the quality of its political leadership. Leadership requires imagination, resourcefulness, vision, experience, competence and formidable track record. Above all, a leader must possess the ability to assemble the best and brightest in the management of the country's affairs.

In a complex and diverse country like Nigeria, a leader must also be someone with a unifying vision, someone who understands and respects our ethnic and religious diversity. 

Based on these criteria of leadership, and from our assessment of the political situation in Nigeria, we came to the conclusion that your Excellency is the most adequately prepared for the task of rebuilding Nigeria and setting it on the path of economic growth and prosperity. Your record speaks for you. As a former Vice President of Nigeria, you played a significant role in the implementation of the policy objectives of the Obasanjo administration. He gave you many responsibilities, including the implementation of the privatisation programme, which you discharged with distinction. You participated fully in the successful implementation of the administration's economic reform programme. Besides, you assembled a formidable team of experts to help you execute those national responsibilities. 

One of the most outstanding successes of the Obasanjo administration was the improvement in the country's GDP and boosting foreign direct investments in Nigeria. Your Excellency you were part of that success story. The administration of which you served as vice president was able to achieve an $18 billion debt relief in 2006. Unfortunately, that effort is being bastardized today because the government of day is taking us back into debt burden.

Sir, we are not happy to see Nigeria moving backward. We are facing serious challenges such as insecurity, unemployment, poverty, declining healthcare standards and education. Leadership is a serious task and therefore no country can afford to leave its fate in the hands of people who want power for its own sake, but lack the basic qualities or qualifications to cope with the challenges at hand. Every issue the APC administration has promised to solve is getting rapidly worse. The general despair in the country is a sign of leadership failure.

Against this background, Sir, we are calling on you to answer the clarion calls of Nigerians to join the presidential race. Your experience as a successful investor not only in education, but also other spheres of business, is a valuable asset that you can put at the service of Nigeria. The economy is central to the success of all government policy objectives. Your business experience will stand you in good stead managing and growing the economy. Waiting for good luck is not an economic strategy. Nigeria needs a man like you who has the acumen for assembling a formidable economic team to strategise on the solutions.

We, Nigerians in the Diaspora recognize that you are pro business and in tune with modern business skills. Nigeria is best placed as a strategic hub for service delivery and the attendant jobs that would be created by it. Additionally, the country is also in need of a knowledge and industrial economy if we are to make meaningful strides in our quest for development. 

Based on your track record, you are the most adequately prepared for the office of the president and the yearnings of Nigerians in the Diaspora. Your commitment to our unity and respect for our ethnic and religious diversity is unrivalled. Your commitment to do justice to all Nigerians is one of your strongest and most endearing virtues. Indeed, these are reasons we are inspired by your leadership qualities.

Your Excellency, we have come today as Nigerians in the Diaspora to call on you to accept the clarion call of Nigerians and come out once again to contest the 2023 presidential election. We are facing an existential threat that requires a man of experience to tackle. Your track record is impressive. Democratic leadership is as effective as the qualities of those who are elected. Electing candidates who are not prepared for the office leads to disastrous outcomes. We in the Diaspora are desirous of true change that can only come about by electing the right leaders like you. Sir, accept our call to join the race in order to fix Nigeria.

Thank you for the audience and may the Almighty God grant you wisdom and strength for the journey ahead.


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