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CHANGE OF NARRATIVE: Former Governor, Willie Obiano's Wife Reacts To Her SEND-FORTH Slap By Former Beauty Queen, Bianca Ojukwu, Says She Only Went To Greet Her & Got A Slap In Return.

Bianca & Ebele.
The very cantankerous and stubborn wife of the immediate past Governor of Anambra State, Willie Obiano, Osodieme Ebele Obiano has reacted to the controversies that has trailed her since the wife of the Biafran Warlord, Ikemba Odumegwu Ojukwu, Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu, gave her a farewell slap that only landed her and her husband, into the net of the Economic and Financials Crimes Commission, EFCC immediately after leaving the venue of that inauguration of the man who took over the reigns of Anambra.

In a statement by her Media Aide, Chidiebele Obika, Ebele Obiano said that all she did was was to approach the beauty queen when she noticed her presence at the occasion to exchange banters as they used to have always whenever they met, only to be slapped by Bianca in return for her kind gestures.

Chidiebele Obika further stated that Mrs. Obiano was shocked at the outburst, wondering what may have angered Bianca to have brought out such hate from, as a former Diplomat, such was not expected of her.

But the video attached to this story says a different thing from what Mrs. Obiano and as could be seen through the video, Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano was the one who was very violent towards Bianca Ojukwu, calling her all sorts of unprintable names, but as noticed, Bianca never moved from where she was seated, but Mrs. Obiano was seen jumping everywhere like a goat on heat.

The information "Precious Eze's Blog" gathered has it that Ebele, the almighty husband of Willie Obiano also threatened to slap the former Governor, when he tried to calm her down after displaying her madness as it is customary with her to do all the time.

Ebele Osodieme Obiano is accused of constantly humiliating the former Governor, Willie Obiano, to the extent of giving his constant black eyes. It is said that the former First Lady was so much in charge of everything that happened in that government that people started wondering if truly, if Willie Obiano was the Governor, or his supposed headmaster, Osodieme.

But that slap by Bianca Ojukwu would have re-setted her brain to factory setting, to know that stupidity has limits. That slap came in handy in such a way that it set Bianca far above Ebele and told her who the leader was.

So, changing the narrative now to suit herself would do her more bad than the good this is supposed to help her achieve.

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