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Dr. Barbara Odoh.

Today, the 8th of March, as celebrated every year, is marked as International Women’s Day, and Nollywood Veteran Actor, Dr. Barbara Odoh has taken out time to drop a piece for women as the all unanimously celebrate today.

She penned down the following for women all around the world.

Today is set aside to celebrate women; everyday, hour, minute, second, moment is a WIN! Women were the last creation, The LORD saved the best for last undoubtedly!

Women are life carriers, givers, nurturers, and savers undebatable! Today I recommend, for the benefit of hindsight, we must realign with our true mode; intelligence.For the love of our children, we must shun the dibo kio sebe'syndrome/mentality!


10,000,000 children are out of school!!!

The ritual killing menace is on the rise!

Petrol price hike is threatening!

Petrol queues are endless


Cost of commodities is over 15.6% in inflation!

Economic pressure affecting homes and marriages

The current leadership can't seem to find answers, and apparently worse than where we left off.

In the face of yet another opportunity to LIVE AGAIN; we must tell ourselves enough is enough!!!


We are very aware of the happenings.

We are very aware of how we got here

We have been co-conspirators ; we are culpable!

Women are suppose to be the conscience of every watch and space; but we haven't kept this watch.

We have been marginalized and made to beg for our rights, yet! our numbers, strategies, eulogies, mobilisation, prayers put them there; a case of monkey de work, baboon de chop.

We have been reduced to cheer leaders; we can be repositioned to leaders for cheers!

If only we can redirect our the energy put into aso ebi sourcing, buying, distribution, regrouping; season in, season out.

We have been distracted by what we have made them see of us as a stay; clothes, jewelries etc. It's our place to look good, for self and by extension, all; but used against us

However, we must begin to contribute substantively to issues, with our time, intellect, resources, influence, intelligence, gender support etc

We have invested so much into aso ebi, and reduced to mere clapping of hands, and handed communal fabrics in solidarity for their ambitions.

We can not afford to continue in this manner!  It is self destructive! The interest, future of our children and homes must be protected!

Our daughters are been reduce to sex tools and toys, our son's have taken to yahoo as they call it, ritual killings are on the rise; who knows who might be next???!!!


Women must arise and weep for NIGERIA, especially in this present dispensation and say it is enough.

No one is happy to birth a dead or sick child!

We have failed and must be resolute enough to say no more!

We will birth life, nurture and keep watch.

We are more than aso ebi handouts.

The future of our children is much more important than dibo kio sebe; it's senseless business anyways. 

Women are known to be smart in business, so how then did we get to exchanging 5/10k or even 100k for a whooping 4 years???  Let's do the mathematics; senseless!!!

If a nation wants to defend its boundaries, men will rise up fight for it, if a nation wants to succeed internally, the women must rise up for it!

Take your destiny in your own hands, for a sustainable and equal future.


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  1. Anonymous08:19

    Wow! This is so true. It should be etched in every Newspaper out there. Women need to rise to save this country.


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