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JUDE IDIMUGO Vers JOE IGBOKWE: Who Should Be The Apex Leader Of Ndigbo In The All Progressives Congress, APC In Lagos?

Asiwaju, Jude & Joe Igbokwe.

The bad blood relationship between the member, representing Oshodi-Isolo State Constituency 11 in the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Jude Idimogu and the Special Adviser to the Governor of Lagos State, on Drainage and Water Resources, Chief Joe Igbokwe is gradually becoming worrisome, as the both men and their political camps are making the Igbos in APC Lagos look ordinary and as it is, what is due the Igbos may never get to them because of the disunity amongst the two plotical leaders. While the two men remain the biggest politicians in Lagos from Igbo-land, with both, claiming the Apex leadership position, we must do our best to make sure the bad situation does not swallow us up in Lagos.

Investigations reveal that the silent war between Chief Joe Igbokwe and Hon. Jude Idimogu is becoming very dangerous for political reasons, especially as 2023 is fast approaching with both of men wanting the betterment of the All Progressives Congress, APC in Lagos and in Nigeria at large.

Of a truth, Joe Igbokwe has a very bad reputation problem amongst the Igbos in Lagos, as they don’t trust nor regard him as their leader, and this is because of how he is said to have carried himself since he rose to political prominence in the state. He is accused of being high handed, arrogant and extremely very saucy, especially with the way and manner he talks and relates with his fellow Igbos in Lagos, thereby not deserving the title of the Leader as he was given.

On the other hand, Jude Idimogi is said to be loved by the Igbos and more popular amongst them as he treats them with respect and dignity. He is said to be the only one who would speak to them and they would listen, because he is said to respects them and they in return, respects and regards him.

Most recently at the inauguration of the Ndigbo in APC in Ejigbo LCDA, supporters of the two politicians clashed heavily over irrelevant issues of who should and shouldn’t give orders or who should obey what. As reported, Joe Igbokwe was accused of coming to Jude Idimogu’s dormain to take control of who should be leader there, as this platform learnt that the National Leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is very aware of the crisis existing between both Igbo leaders, while one is loved amongst them, the other is heavily regarded as an opportunist,

At some point, the former Chairman of the APC in Lagos, Tunde Balogun met with Asiwaju over this matter and it was resolved that Joe Igbokwe, having spent a longer time in the APC should be the Apex leader of Igbos, while Jude Idimogu become his deputy, with questions waving around how a man who does not command the respect of his own people be made to lead them, while the man whom they respect is made deputy leader.

Between Joe Igbokwe and Jude Idimogu, who should be the Apex leader of Ndi-Igbo in Lagos? Of a truth, Jude Idimogu claims to be, as the highest Igbo elected political office holder in the state, haven won elections twice into the Lagos State House of Assembly, previously on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, and later the APC, a party he joined after Joe Igbokwe convinced him to join, according to information being peddled around, and which is what Joe Igbokwe is now using against his person.

Chief Joe Igbokwe is made the leader, as the longest serving member of the party, beginning from the AD, ACN, through to APC, but with the support of Asiwaju who instructed the former Chairman of the party in Lagos, Chief Tunde Balogun to do so, and the matter was seemingly rested, but with hidden or silent war between the two of them, fighting for supremacy in the APC in Lagos. 

But of a truth, who is more or should be more?

The elected, or the appointed?

By appointment, you only have the buying of the one who appointed you, while election means you have the support of the people of a certain constituency, as we heard that the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Mudashiru Obasa supported Jude Idimogu, having the understanding that as the only elected member of the House from the Igbo extraction, he should so be accorded, but the owners of the party in the state thought otherwise and made Joe Igbokwe, who is not loved amongst the Igbos, their leader. 

With the situation on ground, especially going by statistics, Hon. Jude Idimogu is more popular in Lagos amongst Igbo people in the state and commands both their respect and their loyalty, compared to Chief Joe Igbokwe, who is accused of using them for political gains only, using the Igbos when the need arises and discarding them when he doesn’t feel the need for them anymore.

So, the acrimony between Jude Idimogu and Joe Igbokwe can only be solved when the owners of the All Progressives Congress, APC, put in charge of the affairs of Igbo people in Lagos, the right person who deserve to lead the Igbos here.


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