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KADUNA ATTACK: Nollywood Veteran Actor, Barbara Odoh Mourn The Killing Of Dr. Chinelo Megafu, Says The Present Government Has Failed Nigerians.

Dr. Barabara & Dr. Chinelo.

The killing of young and very vibrant Dr. Chinelo Megafu and other Nigerians by terrorists on the Kaduna-Abuja train route has thrown the entire nations into mourning, amongst those who are pained by the tragic incident is Nollywood Veteran Actor, Dr. Barbara Odoh who has lament state of the country’s security system.

According to her, “No one wishes to be befallen by evil; but just like Dr Chinelo Megafu, who lost her life, the ones who got injured and many who would be left in dire state for the rest of their lives; traumatized, with health issues arising from shock like high BP etc., ... my heart goes out to them and their loved ones.

Truth is, it could have been me or anyone else; just that time and chance HAPPENS!

A moment before the rain of leads, Dr. Chinelo and the other passengers would have been full of life, dreams and aspirations but ... and if truly she had processed her papers to leave Nigeria; it would most likely have been to seek greener pasture, and to escape insecurities and other social vices such as this one that killed her.

Being a train user herself, Barbara Odoh said that NIGERIA lost a gem! I didn't have to know her; but for a female who brazed up to notify someone of the fate that had befallen her, even after being shot; Dr Chinelo remains an Amazon!!!


Sadly she will be sung in death...

Dr. Chinelo Megafu's unfortunate end is a wake up call out of the quagmire, and political sentiments our space is awashed with! Everyone who is a part of this present government has failed NIGERIANS and shameless should they vie for any elective office again!!!



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