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Meet An Extraordinary & Honest Nigerian Uber Driver In Abuja, Emmanuel Christopher, Who Saw and Returned Wallet Full Of Foreign Currencies.

Emmanuel Christopher.

This story is told by Lara Wise, one of the spokespersons to the Deputy Senate President, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, who narrated the story of the beautiful Nigerian, who stood against the urges of life, to conquer.

Her story goes. We call him “Emma Raggae” in my church choir. Emma is an Uber driver. Very committed to duty and family. Last week a lady flagged him down somewhere in Wuse 2 Abuja. He dropped her off at Chicken Republic, Wuse, Abuja.

Shortly after dropping her off he discovered he wasn’t alone in the car as heavily studded wallet was seating pretty on the back seat and he wasn’t too sure which of his customers had forgotten the wallet so he opened it. Staring at him was what appeared like answer to prayers. He counted over 3000$ and some other currencies in different denominations. There were three ATM cards- one wasn’t a Nigerian. 

His Uber car.

There were three travel passports and other stuff in the wallet. He heard voices. His mind did a quick summersault as he reminded the pile of bills waiting for him at home. “My mind spoke to me and I spoke back to my mind” he told me. At the end of the day, he listened to ONE VOICE.

Since the lady did not order the ride, it was difficult to trace her via any telephone number. The name he saw on the ATM card was Mariam. Emma drove back to Chicken Republic and met a group of ladies in distress. He recognized his recent customer and asked if she was Mariam. He handed over her wallet to her and their cries intensified.

She thanked him and he left. This is what happened on Saturday. Here is what I asked him. “Did she appreciate you in any way? Did she give you anything?” “Not a dime mama. She was only crying and shedding tears of joy and she thanked me but the peace I have inside me has paid me” is his response.

This is the end of Lara Wise’s story which shows exactly that we are not all bad in this country and just incase you are looking for a trustworthy Nigerian Uber/Bolt driver in Abuja, EMMANUEL CHRISTOPHER, would be your best bet and can be reached through +234 903 013 0800.


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