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Nollywood Actor, Luchy Donalds Makes A Choice Between Her Boyfriend & An Endorsement Deal. Dumps A N10Million Endorsement Deal For Her Boyfriend.

Nollywood actor, Luchy Donalds has shared an interesting story of how she ditched an endorsement deal she was offered in Lagos, refunded the owners of the deal because her boyfriend, an unknown fellow, told her to do so.
According to her post on Instagram,Luchy Donalds who is one of those girls who believe that their sustenance must come from a man, same with other Nollywood fast-runners, wrote that because she was being stressed by the company who hired her for the endorsement deal, she told her man, who asked much the deal was worth, she told him and he had the same amount paid into her account and she ditched the deal.
NY BOYFRIEND IS THE BEST she wrote, while narrating what really happened, saying that. " So I went went to Lagos to sign a deal 2-3days ago and when i go there, these people started stressing me, I was sooo stressed ehhh and my boyfriend said baby, refund them, I will give you back the money. So, I refunded them and he just sent back the money, 10Minllion naira for my stress. 

What these Nollywood female actors do for money will make the heavens fall out of anger.

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