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Nollywood Actor, Uche Ebere Calls Out Her Colleagues With What She Described as "BOUGHT BODIES", Asking People To Ignore Them.

Uche Ebere.

Nollywood Actor, Uche Ebere has berated some of the people with what she described as Bought Bodies and where do you find them if now in Nollywood?

Onyi Alex, Destiny Etiko, Georgina Ibe are some of those Nollywood Actors with look like bodies that were either bought or operated upon and Uche Ebere is saying that people should happy and comfortabe in their colours and size, not put efforts, money and time on surgeries.

The post.
In what she posted on her Social Media platform, she said, "Don't let nobody that bought a shape make you feel bad about your natural, God given shape" and some people came after her, with criticism that she was shaming an breaking some tables, but she didn't mind as she challenged some of them with facts and figures to buttress her point. 

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