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OPINION: As Enyinnaya Appolos, A Pressman Hopes To Become A Congressman By Okechukwu Keshi Ukegbu.

Enyinnaya Appolos.

"Can we make Nigeria greater than nature made her.. My answer is yes.. If and only if our leaders have the sagacity of an Otto Von Bismark, the wisdom of Favour, the adroitness of a Mazini, the patriotism of a Ghandi and the selflessness of an Nyerere- Justice Chukwudifu Oputa.

It has been argued in several quarters that the destination of journalists and media practitioners is politics. While this argument may be right or wrong, depending on the perspective, it has gradually graduating into a reality. This is based on the fact that many journalists and media practioners have ended up being politicians. The list is endless and it may be fruitless enumerating the list because it cuts across nationally and internationally boundaries. It may not be out of place to state here that journalism or media practice has been a ladder for some people to achieve their political ambitions, and the destination has been the law making arm of the government- either the national assembly: the green or red chambers or the state legislative houses. 

From a different perspective, journalists and media practitioners have been assigned the role of men of the fourth estate of the realm. This is because their roles as the watch dog of the society saddled them with the responsibility of checking the excesses of the three arms of government- the executive, the legislature,and the judiciary. 

One of those who want to join other constitutional arms of the government from the unconstitutional fourth estate is Mr. Enyinnaya Appolos.  Appolos is jostling seriously to represent Obingwa West Constituency in Abia State House of Assembly. He is a former Chief Press Secretary to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu. He is also the Chairman of Rethink Media Network Limited, a Public Relations outfit, and the Chief Executive Officer, CEO of 93.5 Enyimba FM, that is billed to  commence operations in a question of a reasonable time.

Appolos from his presentations convinces one that he is adequately prepared for the job and knows what the legislative job entails. "It is my constitutional right and personal decision as a Nigerian citizen, to seek an elective position as a congressman in the state legislature, to represent my people". According to him, "I understand the yearnings and demands of my people in the state, the reason I am asking for their support to represent them in the parliament. They also know that I am eminently qualified to be the steward of their trust and mandate in the  Legislative Assembly". 

Electioneering at this stage preceding the elections proper requires a lot of consultations with major stakeholders and other members of the party. This is because the fate of the aspirant hangs with the party members who will make the delegates to vote at the delegates( party primaries) election. Appolos said that he has consulted with the people and party stakeholders in his constituency knowing that the elections begin with the party’s delegate election, which will decide the candidate of the party at the general election. He added: "I have met and consulted with the delegates that will vote at the party’s congress. I will continue with my appeal and consultations with them until I am elected the candidate of the party by the special grace of God". The most cheering news is that Appolos says that he highly opposes the politics of do-or- die. He said:" I do not see the contest as a do-or-die affair. I am a strong advocate of the principle of the sportsman spirit. I have met with other contenders and indicated my interest in the race. At the end of the day, anybody who wins will go. I strongly believe that it is God who gives power". 

In a democratic setting, especially in a presidential system of government, there are three arms of government. They are the executive, legislature, and the judiciary. The functions of the legislature in this setting are clearly set out. They are lawmaking; amendment of the consideration; through public Account Committee (PAC) they perform oversight on government expenditures to avoid abuse; approval of appointments made by the president; control of public expenditure proposed by the executive arm, platform for public opinion; ratification of international treaties; probe functions through which the legislators check the activities of other organs of government by setting up panels to investigate the activities of any department of the government. 

Others are the legislature serves as a medium of enlightenment and education through which the educate and enlighten the populace in the form of debates; among others.

Appolos said that he understands all the above powers bestowed on the legislator and that he would not be found wanting in any of them if elected. He is promising strongly to have regular interface with his constituents to feel their pause and know where the shoe pinches. " I believe that there is a missing link in this area. You cannot represent your constituents effectively without having regular interface with them. Then, how do you know the social and economic problems bordering them? What do you tender at the floor of House as problems confronting them? I seriously appeal that this gap should be bridged," Appolos said.

In all, Appolos promises a quality representation and better deal for the Obingwa West people in 2023. The question is" will Appolos the journalist become a congressman in 2023? Let us keep our fingers crossed!


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