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The Story Of A Mentally Deranged Woman Who Put To Bed, A Set Of Twin Children.

The Children.

The location of this is not known yet, but the original writer says that he or she had been seeing this particular mentally deranged woman for almost a year now on her way to work.

She always looked so happy & unlike other mad people who are furious & wild, she was such a calm & friendly soul and if not for the fact that she looks dirty, you would hardly even notice she is mentally ill. 

According to the writer, when she saw her pregnant, she couldn't help but shed tears, someone must have taken advantage of her calm and friendly nature, then got her pregnant.

Every weekend, the writer says she took some food along to her, tried to clean up the nasty and her dirty looking environment in which she sleeps.. 

During her pregnancy, There wasn’t a single day she was being examined by a doctor, fearing she might not give birth successfully without complications because of the type of food and very dirty water she was drinking.

But today, everyone was shocked when she gave birth to twins in the market, very cute & healthy babies.



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