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How The Plague Known As "DOMESTIC VIOLENCE" Put Off The Shinning Light Called 'Sister Osinachi Nwachukwu'.

Sister Osinachi Nwachukwu.

The sudden death of the 'Ekwueme' crooner, Sister Osinachi Nwachukwu on Friday evening in Abuja came to many people as rude shock, even as revelations started emerging as what may have led to her death.

On the front burner is the fact that she was for a very long time, involved in one of the killer of married women, known as DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, where it is learnt that her husband, Mr. Nwachukwu, who acted as her Manager, would abuse her, lock her up for weeks in the house and deny her access to people.

As her Manager, he made sure she only attended to some of the invitations he approved of, he would beat her, deny access to alot of things etc.

Frank Edwards Twit.
Her fellow music minister, Frank Edward had taken to his twitter page to voice out his concerns, saying, "So that Unreasonable human being finally put off a shinning light? I won't say much now. I'll let the former NDDC Director (AUNTY JOY) who did everything possible to stop this from happening to talk first. but it still happened even as we tried to stop this.

One Joseph Madubuike who claimed that she was her sister Inlaw wrote, "I feel heartbroken, earth lost a truly holy vessel, satan really used her husband to stop her from glorifying God and winning souls with her voice.  I do not usually do this.. but it pains me hard how my sister in-law left this world in the hands of an abusive and jealous husband who still was given the right to manage every assets that came to her through her music ministry. 

Dynamite wrote:

So by this time last year... I was with mama Osinachi Nwachukwu for a program here in Aba with Great Love Glorious Chapel... that mummy Ngozi Madueke invited us to and at the hotel she kept saying how mean the husband is and how scared of him she was!! 

How he would lock her up in the house even days when she had important concerts and programs that she have already being paid for.. and this same man made himself her manager and have made inviting her difficult and unpleasant for many churches and organisation... Whereby having negative influence on this woman's ministry... Finally this is it.

I keep teaching and preaching to young female and unmarried female ministers of God through music to be careful who you marry... In my 20+ years of music and choir directing .. I have seen a thousand and one female music careers and music ministries die because of a wrong man in their life or wrong marriages. 

See what domestic violence has done to this voice of God in human flesh? If only these people writing this now had made public what they knew about this man and what he was making her go through in secret? If they had encouraged her to quit the marriage to be alive, maybe, just mabe, we would not be where we are right now.

But non of them did and now, she is dead, cold and in the morg, about to be buried and in two or three years, Mr. Nwachukwu would marry another woman and Osinachi would have rotten in the grave and forgotten.

If only we had encouraged and others going through the same as she went through to simply leave and be alive, maybe we wouldn't be celebrating sooo many deaths, but will religion and over righteousness allow us?

May her soul rest in the Hope of the Resurrection.

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