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Nollywood Actor & Producer, Ugezu J Ugezu Speaks On Religious Practices In Nigeria, Says MONEY RULE RELIGION IN NIGERIA.


One of the prolific role interpreters and quality producers we have in the eastern side of the Nigerian Movie Industry, popularly known as Nollywood, Ugezu Ugezu has taken a swipe on religious practices in the country, asking why money has taken the centre stage of everything that happens, especially religion.

He took to his Social Media platform to ask questions that has been burning in the heart of many, requiring answers from genuine people of like minds.

In the post, Ugezu wrote, " Money has a very disturbing place in the centre of organized religion. The only burial the Bishop anchors is that of a money family. The marriage the Bishop takes the centre state is that of a money family. A poor family, no matter how dedicated or committed, hardly attracts the Bishop. MONEY RULES ORGANIZED RELIGION. Argue with your with your phone".

Looking at the issues raised by Ugezu, you would discover that he made alot of sense in his assertion, but the question is, who will tell the truth to these religious leaders, especially in Christendom?

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