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RELIGION: Dr. Chris Okafor Of The ‘Liberation City’ Says That One Can Serve God & Still Remain In Bondage.

Chris Okafor.

According to the Bishop in charge of Liberation City, Lagos, Dr. Chris Okafor, Wisdom is the deliberate Acquisition of Knowledge and you cannot operate beyond your knowledge but when you understand the principles that guarantees’ wisdom and knowledge through  Holy Ghost,  then you can see light and the blessings of God will manifest in your life.

The man of God who taught on the topic, Dealing with Demonic Patterns and the spirit that sponsor them said, Demons are Hereditary in nature, some children suffer from the mistake of their parent thereby putting them in same condition, emphasizing that this is the reason why some people go to church, worship God but still remain in bondage

Chris Okafor concludes that with the knowledge on the principles of dealing with demonic patterns, Light of breakthrough will shine upon your life. 

As usual and as it is customary of him, Dr. Chris Okafor performed many miracles with the most prominent being that of a lady with a break cancer who was located by the Man of God with a visit to her case file where every strong personality behind her predicament was expose and she was delivered and the breast cancer disappear instantly.


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