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REVEALED: Nollywood Actor, Nuella Njubigbo Moved Out Of Her Matrimonial Home With Colleague, Tchidi Chikere To Be The SIDE-CHICK To Controversial Michael Dion-Goli.

Michael, Tchidi, Nuella & Sophia.

Controversy has started threeling the separation and possibly divorce between Nollywood actors, Nuella Njubigbo and Tchidi Chikere, whose controversial separation was reported on "Precious Eze's Blog" yesterday, through and revelations have opened up to what exactly transpired between the formerly married Tchidi and the now remarried Nuella.

Nuella with the Lexus SUV Michael Bouth for her,

Information reaching "Precious Eze's Blog" has it that Nuella is entangled with her colleagues like Onyi Alex, Nancy Isime, Big Brother Naija star, Nengi and others who are jostling to have the bed of the married man known as Michael Dion Goli which actually was why she left her matrimonial home and ran off to join others seeking the attention of the Youngman who is already married.

As one of the gifts to welcome her into the fold of other celebrity jobbers, Nuella received a gift of a new white Lexus SUV immediately she left home and moved into where he rented for her. making us wonder how a SECOND WIFE would abandon her home to be a side-chick to a very controversial man with loads of her colleagues loitering around to get a piece of his crumps.

The shocking part of the story is the fact that she is aware of the rush by her colleagues to this Michael Dion Goli of a man, but because of the gifts and travel expenses associated with either dating him or being a side chick to him, Nuella felt the wise thing to do was not to end the 7yr old marriage with Tchidi Chikere properly, but to sneak away, according to how he puts in, into another married man's bed.

Cumulatively, Tchidi Chikere's marriage to Sophia Williams would have been 22yrs but for his nose for everything in skirt, he divorced Sophia for a woman of easy virtue, not knowing that he wouldn't satisfy her, though this platform is aware of his other enclosed relationship, which is not yet in the open yet, but we know that both Sophia and Nuella knew about the affairs.

Should we opine that it is food-heady for any woman of Nuella Njubigbo to have left her marriage to be a SIDE-CHICK to a married man, especially one that is seemingly a public dog, being dragged by every woman, including her colleagues, but maybe, the attraction for her was the WHITE JEEP he adorns them with and other goodies involved.

Now that Tchidi Chikere has become a third-hand husband, hope the ladies would not fall for his sweet tongues this time around.

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