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SEX FOR PROMOTION: BBC Lagos Chief, Toyosi Ogunseye Accused Of Workplace Sexual Harassment.

Toyosi Ogunseye.

The Lagos Bureau Chief of the British Broadcasting Corporation, Toyosi Ogunseye is being accused of sexually harassing members of her staff who are male and taking advantage of them.

Series of reports suggest that Oluwatoyosi Ogunseye, the Head of West Africa at the British Broadcasting Corporation, has been involved in series of scandals including harassments, favouritism, bullying and sabotaging her subordinates at work.

This position was strengthened following a tweet by David Hundenyin, the 2020 People’s Journalism Prize for Africa awardee which read: This opened the floodgates for more complaints about Ogunseye to come to light.

Oluwatoyosi Ogunseye is a Nigerian editor, journalist and presently the head of language services (West Africa) at BBC World Service. She was the former Sunday editor of The Punch Newspaper. She is also a Mandela Washington Fellow.

Ogunseye has won over 25 media awards including the health category of the CNN MultiChoice African Journalist of the Year Awards in 2011 and 2013, Nigerian Academy of Science Journalist of the Year 2013, The Future Awards Africa 2013, Child-Friendly Reporter of the Year by the Diamond Awards for Media Excellence (DAME).

There has been series of allegations of sexual exploitation at the BBC Lagos Bureau, and the rot at the Bureau is believed to be more than that of the Sex for grade scandal, in the heart of it is Oluwatoyosi Ogunseye. It is believed that her regular trademark is to harass a guy who refuses to sleep with her until he resigns, then she replaces him with someone who is “between her legs”.

David Hundeyin stated that in 2020 with the Abule Ado Explosion documentary, which was Dami Banjo’s work from top to bottom.

At the last minute, she got Dami kicked off the production and brought in a Fisayo Soyombo to headline.

Fortunately Fisayo Soyombo publicly credited Dami.

However, Fisayo Soyombo has since come out to discredit part of the assertion made by David via a tweet which read:

“Hi @DavidHundeyin, I can tell you for free that this is COMPLETELY UNTRUE; Toyosi was not the one who brought me in. I’d gone really far in that work before she had any inkling I was in it.

PURE UNTRUTH being bandied about since 2020!”

Furthermore, they are reports suggesting that Ruona Agbroko was frustrated out of BBC in 2016 by Ogunseye for refusing to succumb to her. This was after the production of the award winning “sweet sweet codeine” story.

A story that got the Nigerian Government to ban the sale of codeine in the Country.

There were also reports that Ogunseye was also harassing male staff in the Darka bureau of BBC. It is believed that she was sleeping with one BJ Godlove Kambwa from Cameroon whom she then got to be appointed as SBJ.

He however, finally left the network when the staff learnt of his affairs with Ogunseye, and is believed to now reside in Canada.

The thing with female bosses who are sexual harassers like Ogunseye is that it is not only the men who suffer. In fact, the women somehow end up suffering even worse because she sees all of them as competition. That is why Toyosi sabotaged women’s careers at BBC Africa. David said.

Once you were a woman at BBC Africa Languages Division or Lagos Bureau, your existence was a threat to Toyosi Ogunseye.

David added that, her entire life revolves around trading favours using her vagina, and viciously bullying and sabotaging other women so they can’t do the same to her.

“ @ToyosiOgunseye your day has finally come, and the whole world is here for it.”


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