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Twitter User, Mohammad DeeDee, Apologizes To Former President, Goodluck Jonathan Over The Price Of Dollars & Pounds In The Market.

Goodluck Jonathan.

For some of us supported and voted for President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 and again, in 2019, regrets are exactly what we are facing right now, as the hardship the country is facing is bitting very hard and on everyone regardless of who you are or the position you occupy.

So, a Twitter use who could not contain his feelings had to voice out and apologize to the former President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan whom we all supported the now President Muhammadu Buhari against for.

Mohammad DeeDee wrote, "My sincere apologies to former president Goodluck Jonathan as a Dollar today is N560 and a pound is N620 under Mr. Integrity.

Mr. Mohammad DeeDee had written against Jonathan like some of us did in 2015 saying "Today a dollar is N180 and a pound is N280, hope you have a family...this is reality the transformation agenda GEJ has finished Nigeria", but now, the picture is clearer and we have seen the difference now.


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