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WILLIE & EBELE OBIANO: Meet Rev Fr. Ezechukwu Manafa, The Most Powerful & Influential Catholic Priest In Anambra State.

Fr. Ezechukwu Manafa.

He is a Catholic Priest from the same town as the former Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano.

 Prior to becoming a Government House Chapel Priest, he was just a priest with influence on Roman Catholic members within the region but with the friendship of Obiano he became very outstanding and influential.

Fact has it that the former governor, Willie Obiano did not joke with advice or recommendation from Father Eze Manafa.

“Precious Eze’s Blog” learnt that any appointment Rev. Fr. Ezechukwu Manafa could not secure for you under Chief Willie Obiano administration, then, nothing can be done about it.

We hear politicians followed this revered Catholic Priest like bees follow honey and he more of a politician than some political office holders in the state when Willie Obiano was Governor and had the capacity to make and mare any political office holder in the state because of his connections with the Obiano’s.

It was revealed to “Precious Eze’s Blog” that played major roles on issue of anyone getting APGA ticket for an election in the state and had his way with huge financial benefits, as it was revealed to us that through him, the former Governor and his wife, who had the control of the state, passed all the billions they are being accused of embezzling from the state coffers.

It is not clear yet what the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, would do with him after the freezing of his accounts. 


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