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ABH Appoints Brand Specialist, CharlesO’Tudor A Judge.


Greatness is taken by the horn, not given on a platter. There are moments in our lives I call "Turn back moments".

These are moments which forces us to pause, rethink, review and either choose to be discouraged or driven by the reality in front of us.

Consistency brings a lot of such moments, moments which drive the need for us to do more and be more than we are.

Can we be more than we are? That's a Summit discussion. 

Africa Business Heroes is a brand that Exemplifies consistency and belief in African Greatness. 

“we’re impressed by your achievements, experience and commitment to entrepreneurship and business development.

As such, we are keen to have you join our community of Judges as a Round 1 Judge.

As a Judge, you will support us to review online applications and score them using our criteria.

Your support will be pivotal in helping us to find our 2022 Heroes and we are appreciative of your support.

As a token of our appreciation, please find a certificate acknowledging your role as an ABH Judge.“

-Zarah Baitie-Boateng

[Africas Business Heroes]

I am honored, yet humbled to be appointed into the ABH community of business professionals, investors and mentors.

It’s indeed Africa’s time. The Africa's Business Heroes competition is the Jack Ma Foundation's flagship philanthropic entrepreneur program in Africa.

It aims to identify, spotlight and support African Entrepreuship heroes creating impact in their communities and building a more inclusive economy for the future. 

I take pride in this and say truly, it's our moment to reflect, collaborate, and show Africa's depth of potential.

#LookingforHeroes #ABH2022 #ItsAfricanTime


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