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DID PETER OBI LIE TO NIGERIANS: Meet His Son, Oseloka Obi Who Lives In The UK & Drives A N60million Worth Of BMW Car.

Oseloka Obi.

Oseloka Obi is the son of the former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, one of the men jostling to get the ticket of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP to fly the flag of the party as her presidential candidate for the 2023 presidential elections.

The family.

His son, Oseloka, lives in the UK, and drives a 2017 BMW X6 worth approximately N60million and he has been driving the car since February 2018.

According to reports, he is an actor and movie producer.

Peter Obi is one seen as a very prudent man, especially with his constant claim that none of his children drives cars, but this is an expose to bring to the open, the fact that all Nigerian politicians are the same.
His car.


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  1. Anonymous08:49

    Where is the lie na. So he has an adult son, gainfully employed and driving an X5 BMW. So?

  2. Anonymous14:59

    He never said none of his children ever drives car. And if he did, he must have been quoted out of context. It's normal to prevent his children from driving while they were still under him and still school. But his son shown in this picture is a full grown and has own job he does. And I don't think it's out of place for a young man of his calibre to be driving a 2017 model of a car in 2022. Moreover, how much is now ₦60M in dollar or pounds. So, the media is unnecessarily whipping up sentiments.

    1. Anonymous09:03

      Answer your name not your father's name.Free world

  3. Anonymous19:26

    Humility reign supreme in Peter Obi family, they're not flamboyant and extravagant like those elites

    1. Anonymous17:15

      I actually agree but talking too much isn’t good sometimes.

  4. Anonymous18:21

    He has a job and he is a grown man. Did he steal Nigeria money to buy the car. Please don’t trivialize the issue that there a some clean Nigerians who are willing to change the sufferings of the people.

  5. Anonymous17:05

    You people are just looking for how to rubbish him, the question Is, did he perform while being the governor of anambra, yes. Did he leave all the money he could have taken behind, yes.. so if his son worked hard and decide to buy himself a car, what's the big dealll.
    Show me among all the aspirant, who is more credible. Then we can talk from there.

    1. Anonymous23:19

      Sowore is more credible... That's my sincere answer to your question, No sentiments attached.

  6. Anonymous20:23

    How come no one like sowore?


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