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Ebonyi 2023: APC Has Just One Governorship Candidate In The & That Candidate Is Ogbonna Francis Nwifuru – Info. Comm. Uchenna Orji.

Francis Nwifuru.

‘‘Precious Eze’s Blog’’ had reported earlier of the emergence of two parallel Governorship candidates for the All Progressives Congress, APC in Ebonyi State with the believe that two separate primaries had held in the state.

But contrary to what this platform had reported, “Precious Eze’s Blog” contacted the Commissioner for Information in the state, Barri. Uchenna Orji who told us that there was no other primary in Ebonyi State for the Governorship asides the one which produced the Speaker of the Ebonyi State House of Assembly, Ogbonna Francis Nwifuru as the candidate of the APC in the state.

According to Uchenna Orji, whichever it was you must have heard and called parallel wasn’t what you claimed as there are guidelines for having an election primary. There are basic ingredients that must be added before a pot of quality soup is made and that is the same situation with an election primary. 

APC has a guideline and the guideline states that the venue of the primary election is fundamental. INEC witnessing the election is fundamental, the election being guided and secured by security is fundamental, an election having party officials from the national is also fundamental and there must be evidence that candidates appeared in an accredited place is vital too. So you can check to know which of the above mentioned were obeyed by those whom you mentioned in your story. 

The Ebonyi State Commissioner for Information, Uchenna Orji says that the primary produced the Speaker of the state assembly, Francis Nwifuru who won with by scoring 743 votes above Julius Ali Ucha, Edward Mkwegu, Elias Mbam Nwalem and Rosemary Ofoke who scaored 22, 8, 10, and 63 votes respectively. 


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