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ONE VILLAGE ONE LOVE: "African Nigerian Diaspora Day Hosted By The Egwu na Orie People".


This is the 1st African / Nigerian Diaspora day celebration which is was organized by, King Eze Obilam and, Ms. LeAndra Hammond on the 28th of December 2021 in Egwu na Orie Ancient Kingdom, Egberemiri, Eziudo, Ezinihitte Mbaise LGA Imo state, Nigeria.

It was a live streaming event to enlighten and promote the cultures of Africa, foster relationships between Africans on the continent and Diasporan brothers and sisters. It was a day of sharing knowledge without discrimination to any culture. King Eze welcomed all participants, expressing his joy for the opportunity of hosting the first event of it's in  Egwu na Orie. He thanked his ancestral relatives in the Diaspora for choosing their village for such event. “When we raised this concern on several media fora, the party, however, believed the high cost of form will separate the serious contenders from unserious ones.

Opening prayer was presented by De IK Njoku followed by the blessing of kolanut by Nze Patrick & later by HRM Eze Okey Adiukwu. Adaeze Eze (Ada Egwu na Orie) shared the history and relationship of Africans and their relations in the diaspora. The welcome poem and presentation was read by youth leader Victoria Rival and little Chikaodi Luke. “This goes contrary to our belief that you can only separate serious contenders from unserious ones by the competency, capacity, credibility, strength of the programme, workable solutions, and sellable candidate to Nigeria through rapid intraparty debates and other high-level criteria reviews that can ensure we present a better leader for future for Nigeria.

LeAndra Hammond.

The co-host of the event, Ms. LeAndra Hammond narrated the history of African Diaspora day and the objectives. She said "it is a day for Africans to get to know each other and promote their culture". We are one people having different culture and need to know detailed information about Africa. 

She expressed her desire for Africans in the Diaspora to have healthy relationship with their ancestral home and help to empower young citizens of Africa for a better future.

Eze Obilam.

The event was indeed memorable and fulfilling with performances of traditional musical/cultural dance by the Umuada, the women of Egwu na Orie Ancient Kingdom, and the Ikoro dancer.

The occasion was graced by speakers from different tribes, Igbo, Yoruba, Haiti, Mafa and the Diaspora. They spoke on the mutual relationships between tribes, synergy, and coexistence of Africans heritage and seek to promote more inter connectivity. Also, experiences were shared from their base and live interactions from those in the Diaspora .

The Yoraba speaker was none other than philanthropist, entrepreneur and author of Invest Like God's and Kings, Mr. Pete Betiku. He shared several golden cultural nuggets along with the many contributions Africans and Nigerians have given the world.   Igbo and Nollywood actor, Francis Duru, emphasized the significance of African native titles and called for synergy between Africans all over the world. 

Michael Muse, a United States Musician, shared the Black National Anthem which is a poem turned into a song, Lift Every voice and song. Say that differently

Several activities took place to commemorate the day with dances, gifts presentation, and donations from the people of Egwu na Orie and the people in the diaspora.

The event was also the 1st Egwu na Orie Day as it marked the first time of such gathering in the land. It was a remarkable one day event with amazing experience and a day for the people of Egwu na Orie kingdom to express their joy and happiness to their brothers and sisters in the diaspora who share the same ancestral bloodline with them, for picking Egwu na Orie for the event, and the show of love to each other village, one love-  in unity and oneness.

Prestigious award presentation of   "Ada eji aga mba" was conferred on Ms. LeAndra Hammond and a vote of thanks was done by King Eze and Ms. LeAndra.


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  1. Anonymous08:21

    Congratulations for a successful event which was well managed & organized. We look forward to seeing subsequent editions of this epoch making event. Thumbs up.
    Lagos, Nigeria


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