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EXCLUSIVE: Nigerian Law Maker, Senator Ali Ndume From Borno State Defy Federal Government Protocol On COVID-19, Aided The Violation Of Same By Even Foreigners.

Senator Ali Ndume, one of the Senators in the upper legislative Chambers was recently caught on camera violating the rules set up by the Federal Government concerning travelers in and outside the country.


Former Senate Majority Leader, Ali Muhammed Ndume is seen in the video exclusively obtained by “Precious Eze’s Blog” acting dishonorably and grossly violating the Federal Government Travel Protocol on COVID-19 when he arrived Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja aboard a Turkish Airlines on May 2, 2022.

Reports say he bluntly refused to submit himself for public health screening on arrival to relevant Federal Authorities at the airport and made sure every passenger on that flight did the same by standing guard and making sure no passenger (both citizens and non citizens) alike did not submit themselves to the mandatory public health screening by relevant federal authorities at the airport. 

Senator Ali Ndume.

This is in gross violation of the Federal Government Entry Protocol on COVID-19 and if a lawmaker, infact, The Majority Leader of the Nigerian Senate does not like a law, he should try to either repeal or amend the law, instead of breaking the law and helping others do the same. 

It is learnt that because of his very disgraceful actions, no passenger on that Turkish flight was subjected to the required public health screening put in place by the Presidential Steering Committee on COVID-19, thus, making it very possible for passengers with any public health issue of concern to walk in to the country freely, placing the public health of fellow Nigerians at risk.

Anonymous sources at the airport informed “Precious Eze’s Blog” that Senator Ali Ndume and some other National Assembly members have been serial offenders in this regard, as it is claimed that he has never submitted himself to the public health screening protocols of the Federal Government the airport. On this occasion, he made sure that other passengers in the same flight with him did the same and in addition, he threatened to have a Federal State on duty sacked or his powers to invite them to the floor of the senate.

Precious Eze’s Blog” reached out to Senator Ali Ndume through both calls and SMS to get his own side of the story, but neither our calls nor the SMS was responded to.


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  1. Anonymous22:03

    It is a shameful act by the Senator


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