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Nollywood Actor, Kalu Ikeagwu Sets To Get Properly Divorced From Estranged Wife, Ijeoma, Denies Giving Her STD As Court Starts Proceedings.

Ijeoma & Kalu Ikeagwu.

This marriage between Nollywood Actor, Kalu Ikeagwu, like other Nollywood marriages had crashed long time ago, but the actor on Monday, he told an Ikeja High Court about the relationship with his estranged wife, Ijeoma, where he revealed in the suit marked LD/8939HD/2021, where he is seeking a dissolution of his six-year-old marriage to Ijeoma Ikeagwu.

Apart from the disillusion of the marriage, the actor is also seeking full custody of his three-year-old son and 10-year-old step-daughter, claiming that his wife packed out of his matrimonial and sent him a mail that she was on her way to her father’s house in Enugu, which went contrary to her claim in her mail to him, as she was seen at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport with the children after some days.

He told the court that he tried to contact her when he got to the house and found it empty, debunking the claim that he sent his wife and kids out of the house and failed to provide for their upkeep.

Kalu Ikeagwu further told the court that his wife denied him sex and also poured water on him while he was asleep, and wasn’t aware she lost a pregnancy due to any sexually transmitted infection while they were together, stating that he stopped sending money to the children for upkeep and maintenance because his wife denied him being the father to his step-daughter.

He told the court that accusations arose after Ijeoma accused him of attempting to sleep with the child and she failed to acknowledge the money he sent to her, as “I have never been married to any woman before I got married to my wife. I married her after she had her daughter”, with the issue of revocation was because I felt Ijeoma wanted to use me. My Lord, look at the precedence on how I have treated the girl from the very beginning.

In a twist of event, Justice Christopher Balogun of the Ikeja High Court had to earlier order the children to play with their father in court and ordered the respondent to present the receipts of the tuition fees of the children in court.

Balogun said: “According to the Child’s Right Act, you cannot deny the children the best education even if you’re quarrelling with your wife and had to adjourn the case to June 23rd, 2022 for continuation of hearing.


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