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Nollywood Actor, Sylvester Madu, Popularly Known As MR. RAMBO Calls Out UBER & BOLT Operators, Narrates His Nasty Ordeals With The Apps.

Sylvester Madu. 

Nollywood actor, Sylvester Madu, has narrated what he had passed through in the hands of operators of Uber and Bolt and their drivers, both in Lagos and in Enugu, accusing them of constantly trying to take advantage of unsuspecting passengers.


His narration of what he had passed through and that of others in his shoes are here captured for your reading pleasure. 

Sylvester says: ‘Hello everyone, please allow me to express my concern and annoyance this moment, as my show dey shine and my face show, I am but I no want make my teeth shine for this matter.

Seriously my people the way we Nigerians dey take mess up or bastardize things in this country no dey sweet me at all. 

I'm taking in particular about this Uber and Bolt drivers. 

Could you believe I stayed 15 to 20 minutes waiting for Bolt driver to come after I ordered for it and we spoke I gave him direction, and he only for him to get there after 20minutes and ask me how much did the BOLT APP indicate, I told him 1k he said noooo... He can't go there for that amount unless I'm ready to pay 3k. I was like excuse me, let’s get to the destination first, and whatever it amounts to, I will pay, which is the normal thing. He refused, and like play like play this guy drove out and cancelled the trip. 

You don't dare that in the US, but it's crazy, you will be banned from using the app, but here e be like say our guys don Sabi manipulate the app wey these companies no know. 

The Culprits.

Same thing happened with me at MM2 Airport. I booked the Bolt, he came and started carrying my luggage to the car park, and just as we were close to his car, he said.... eheh...bros so how e go be naa....? I said I don't understand... He said let's do offline, and I'm like what's that supposed to mean, and he said offline is what he can do to that Lekki... Then I said OK how much he said 16k....that I was mad is an understatement, but I kept my cool cos if I fight them go say star dey fight Uber man. Jeje I ask him to let go off my bags. I rather take another person on that offline than him. Finally I got even a free ride to Lekki.

But this is sad... These guys do this and it not good, especially in Lagos

Enugu Uber drivers na them lazy pass. They will tell you.... Sorry the place is not far, or too far or that road is not good.

Another trick I experienced in that same Lagos be say... By the time the Uber man got to pick me up, I was watching him, he stylishly logged off his data and turned off the app and starts saying it's network, network is bad.... I laughed... My wife didn't know what was going on. So she said well the app says it 3k to the destination and the guy was like... OK but you go add something ooo.

All this is bad. If you know you won't be satisfied with the amount Uber or Bolt will give you, then don't use the app, if you feel it's not worth it then don't engage a passenger and waste his time at the end asking for extra cash or offline... Let's be civil and honest on our dealings please. 

And you the passenger don't encourage it, but frown at it. Let's stop spoiling Naija name’.


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  1. Gbenga10:41

    It is not about been in Nigeria, if you report, they sanction the driver. In fact on Bolt, if a driver cancelled ride twice, he will be sanctioned.

    Yes, during the acute fuel shortage in Abuja 2 months ago, I booked an airport drop and Bolt suggested abiut N3,500 fare but the driver told me courteously he bought black market fuel and will appreciate anything I can add, I paid him N6,000 from Nicon Luxury to Airport. He was very grateful.

    Report the misdemeanour like I did on Uber, they refunded my money, gave me free rides and then wrote they will sanction driver.
    Just rate driver poorly and see what happens


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