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Nollywood Actor, Uche Odoputa Cries For Help, Asks Nigerians To Prays For His Kidnapped Father.

Uche Odoputa.

Nollywood Actor, Director and Producer, Uche Odoputa has cried out to Nigerians to pray for the rescue of his father from the hands of those who kidnapped him.

Mr. Kenneth Ododputa. 
Speaking with "Precious Eze’s Blog", Uche said that his father, Mr. Kenneth Odoputa was kidnapped on the 6th, Ehis is about two weeks ago and has since remained in the custody of his kidnappers .

He wrote on his Instagram page, "Friends please join me in prayers for my father safe return the hands of kidnappers that took him for over 2weeks now", So, let us all pray for him and his dad.

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