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PETER OBI And His Style Of Disruptive Politics In Nigeria --- Obinna Ezechukwu.

Peter Obi.

When he came into Anambra Politics, he changed the nomenclature of what they used to see as politics, he made it less attractive which earned him a lot of hate among the political elites but a friend of the masses.

He became the enemy of the so called political brokers and they tried to remove him 3 times from office, it was a though fight, but he won in each of this attempt with the support of Anambra Citizens.

The first was in 2003 election, when he contested under a newly formed APGA, he was rigged out by the same Chris Uba who is causing problem in Anambra PDP politics. He became the first Governor in Nigeria to reclaim his mandate in court after 3 yrs, barely one year into his administration, he was impeached by the same orchestrated Political brokers for not playing balls.

Of course before his impeachment, they had warned him to toe in line, and even threatened impeachment, he ignored them and they carried out their threat of easy impeachment because the PDP controlled the House of Assembly, he also went to court to get his victory which declared the impeachment as baseless and unlawful.

Just after he got victory over the impeachment, an election held in 2007, he did not participate in that election, believing his 4yr tenure was not over. After the election, he was removed, he left, went to court again and got victory, on the basis that his 4 year tenure must be complete.

Peter Obi first term was plagued by wars , he fought alongside the support of Anambraians and he won. He disrupted the dirty politics that used to be in Anambra and delivered good Governance to the people of Anambra for 8yrs.

As a prophet of good Governance, he took his message to the PDP to change the old ways of doing politics and embrace how it is done in every developed Society for the sake of progress, that they should go beyond Transactional Politics to  Transformational Politics. Of course the party have a sync with corruption and is not ready to leave that old way of doing things hence he had to leave.

As regarding the future, we are still observing on what is going to happen, but believe that there is going to be a huge announcement soon that will be a game over for the establishment that have seen politics as a transactional affairs to mortgage the future of Nigerians for selfish reasons. 

These evil establishment have hijacked our collective development on the alter of individualism, we will no longer be on the sideway looking and let them continue to decide bad options for us. 

Peter Obi have started his disruptive politics in Anambra against the stronghold of impunity, corruption and mal-governance, and this time around, Nigerians all over the country will join him to disrupt this current political space and shift the paradigm to what we want it to be and not what the corrupt political class want it to be.


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  1. Anonymous10:27

    P. O carry go .. Nigerians are also tired of the old thieves that kept Nigerians in their pocket to better themselves & their singular family alone .. Vote will count & if it counts , you are my next president.. Go ahead Peter Obi


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